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  1. I'm after a Mk2 Duguid Panoramic Rear Sight.
  2. All Looking for Centra Duplex screw in inserts under 3.8mm apperature preferably in yellow but clear will be ok. The smallest being 3.0mm in 1/10th mm steps up to 3.8mm. I bet there's loads of you out there with these in your shooting box/bag that never get used? Regards, Mick
  3. Hi Is the Centra Vario still available? How much do you want for the Long Spy sight is it black or silver? Regards,
  4. Can I have more details on the sling? Is it the anti-pulse version? Any chance of some pictures? Regards,
  5. Hi Gary Did the glasses sell?
  6. Morning


    Intrested in the Champion glasses.






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    2. Irontrack


      It's 07905183111






    3. Irontrack



      I will have the glasses can you forward your bank details etc and I will arrange the transfer of funds.







    4. jrs


      Sorry for not getting back sooner, we have been moving house and had no broadband untill this week, my bank details are as follows


      Sort code 090128

      Account. No 74654366

      John Sinclair

      If you give me your name and address I will package the glasses up and post out to you


  7. Irontrack

    Lens Holder

    Anyone got any glasses lens holders they no longer require? 23mm MEC or 25mm Olympic? Regards,
  8. Pleasure to meet you all, and put some faces to names.
  9. If chasing 600 hasn't sort you out yet? I will be at Appleton tomorrow. Mick
  10. Just been on the web site and the black 3 is the one that adjusts furthest to the right. The Black 1 & 2 don't have as much adjustment to the right? It's not so much the plastic check piece thats different, it's the metal mechanism that holds the cheek piece that is different. The ratchet arm on the 3 is on the left on the 1 & 2 it's on the right when viewed up side down. Check out Edinkilie web site for more info. Some how I have two Black 1's which I didn't use. Hope this helps.
  11. Hi The size of the mat is approx: 800 x 2000mm and folds up into 800 x 500mm (4)
  12. Blue fold up Evans Sports Equipment (ESE) mat. Good Condition. Well padded PM for photo's as 1 picture was too larger file to insert. £50 + £10 p & p. I will be at the following shoots: Sywell 5 & 11th & Appleton 18/19th Sept so could deliver to these events.
  13. Duguid sight and if you have any 8mm raiser block? Scope stands. Regards, Mick
  14. I'm after a Lowey tuner & barrel extension for a Grunig & Elmiger Racer Barrel.
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