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  1. talisman


    Bought a circa 1990, Anschutz 1913 in a 1978 ,1413 stock. Has the armadillo 4762 butt plate.The barrel is excellent, fired around 20k rounds.The stock has seen better days lol. Going to strip old varnish/polyurethane finish and oil finish.Came with sights, case, etc.Price...well I'm happy, that's the main thing lol.
  2. talisman

    Feinwerkbau 2700, Black, Right Handed

    Have sent a pm.
  3. talisman


    Still looking for my first prone rifle.Think it will have to be an 1813 as I prefer the heavy barrel.Sooo,if you are thinking of selling your pride and joy, please let me know.
  4. talisman

    Received FAC today

    As above its here whoopee. So looking for a prone rifle .probably Anschutz , but open to other makes. If you are thinking of selling your pride and joy please let me know. Price ,well, as my first would like start at say £1K ish. I may try bench and/or LSR therefore im considering owning two rifles ,hence the £1k limit. Early days folks ,have to see how it develops lol.
  5. talisman

    Anti glare tube for a 6805

    Only found it by accident. nordicmarksmen.com Anti glare tube 6766 $9.95 Have emailed Anschutz, interesting to see if i receive a reply.
  6. talisman

    Anti glare tube for a 6805

    Have found them on a Canadian website lol. Nothing as yet in Uk. Believe they just clip in ?
  7. talisman

    Anti glare tube for a 6805

    As title,an anti glare tube for an Anschutz 6805 rear sight. Cant seem to locate one?
  8. talisman

    Wanted Anchutz 6702

    Just missed an Anchutz 6702 rear sight on fleabay. Bid but forgot about the auction. Only sold for £58.00 ,i bid £55,00 grr. So if anyone is selling 6702 rear or similar to fit older 54 action rifles i would like to hear from you. Must be immaculate ,the one i bid on was one owner in a case. Still mad at myself lol. Im just coming to the end of my probation at a club so will use it on a club rifle for now.