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  1. any of you folks have have a 4mm raiser block which will fit an Anschutz 1813 that would like to sell on , get in touch with details etc
  2. I Have for sale , a CENTRA SCORE Foresight tunnel in 22mm complete with centra adjustable Iris, its the normal height model in blue, with case , iris spanner and allen key, this set up will fit ANSCHUTZ 1813 or earlier and is available for £50 with free postage
  3. try flexo springs in Bristol , they should be able to make you one
  4. its the small stand, and looks to have x25 eyepiece, unfortunately no cover, swivel nut does need periodic tightening as well
  5. I have a tucker stand with a greenkat angled eyepiece scope , you can have for £50 posted
  6. dog box

    PL19 Targets

    I have given up on the NSRA ever supplying my order, so therefore has anyone got approx. 100 25M PL 19 Pistol targets they would like to sell on to me ,
  7. I have for sale surplus to requirements a 22mm Nesom Rollover sight complete with 4.7 centra high end £45 posted
  8. dog box

    Anschutz foresight

    haven't got one yet
  9. Has anyone got available an Anschutz foresight tunnel to fit an 1813 dovetail, it will be used with the metal elements ,and preferably be with a level { although this not important }
  10. pistol still available at reduced price of £80...need the space in cabinet
  11. I am in the Bristol area, and its up for £80
  12. I have a Webley Alecto for sale which a 3 stage multi stroke pneumatic, I have used it successfully at 10 m for a couple of years, now surplus to requirements. for a cheap price.pm if interested
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