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  1. jonty

    Anschutz foresight

    Oh. Obviously some Somerset clan thing, like dancing around StoneHenge and stuff. Thats good. Can you ask the Chief Druid to say a prayer or whatever it is they do, for me. I am, currently in sunny Dorsetshire. Came all the way from Yorkshire and no one checked my passport. Jonty
  2. jonty

    Anschutz foresight

    Tim, Who's Pam? has she got one for sale? Jonts
  3. Im looking for an Anschutz adapter to enable square actions take a round action. Condition not important. If you have one you no longer use or know someone who has one, please send me a personal message. Thank You Jonty
  4. Hi Arny, Welcome to the Forum. I have sent you a P.M (Personal Message) Thank You Jonty
  5. jonty

    Wanted Anchutz 6702

    And, more than likely, a foresight, handstop, buttplate etc. If not, the negotiate the price. Jonty
  6. jonty

    Wanted Anchutz 6702

    £50-£60 sounds about right for a 6702. However, I wouldnt advise buying one when it is more than likely that when you get your first rifle, it will probably come with a rear sight. Jonty
  7. jonty

    Anschutz 4506 Torque Wrench.

    Hi, Ive sent you a P.M. Thanks Jonty
  8. jonty

    WANTED-Alloy stock

    I am looking to buy a second hand aluminium rifle stock for .22 rifle. Gemini, G&E or similar, or, maybe, what have you. Suitable for Anschutz square or round action preferred. If you have something or know someone who has, please contact me by a P.M. ThankYou Jonty
  9. jonty

    WANTED-Alloy stock

    Sounds interesting, but not what I had in mind. Thank You Jonty
  10. jonty

    WANTED-Alloy stock

    Still looking!
  11. jonty

    Loot pictures

    You need to 'Google' for a picture resizer and down load it. Most are free. This enables you to select photos and reduce the amount of data in each picture then you can upload the picture to sites and forums. I use one called 'Light Image Resizer' which I like, but it can be difficult to navigate until you get used to it. Im sure other will offer input which may be better. (P.S. I am by no means wizard of the computer, but I can knock nails in pretty good. Jonty
  12. Im sure the eagle eyed among you spotted that the ad was put on in July 2016 and she last visited this site in September 2016!!!! I believe Specsavers are open until 6pm today. Jonty
  13. jonty

    WANTED- Centra Duo Vario foresight

    Im on it Rog. Jonty
  14. I am looking to source a used Centra Vario Duo Foresight in 22mm Diameter., but it is to fit an Anschutz barrel with the blocks onto which the foresight fits. If you have one or know someone who has, please send me a P.M. Thank You Jonty
  15. jonty

    WANTED- Centra Duo Vario foresight

    I didnt know the bases were interchangeable with the standard tunnels! I knew you can get varying bases for the Vario e.g Anschutz FWB. Thats a very good input, thank you for that. Jonty
  16. jonty

    WANTED- Centra Duo Vario foresight

    Thank you for your suggestion, but I would like to see if I can a proper one first. Jonty
  17. jonty

    Screw For Anschutz Cantable Rear Sight 7002

    These are finely engineered parts, and should NEVER be tightened up like you would a wheel nut on an E.R.F. I must have said it a million times on here, be gentle with bolts whether it be on sights, buttplates or an outside toilet door. The excellently spotted item by Batty does include a new clamp and its tiny springs as well as the required bolt. Jonty
  18. Leviticus, Check your personal messages. At the top of the screen you should see an envelope with a red flag attached. Just click on it. Jonty
  19. jonty

    Jacket And Mat For Sale.

    Quite right. There is always someone out there who will say its been sent, without any evidence, and refuse to do the decent thing, but keep your money and instead squirm for months!, As the saying goes, 'Some people you can trust, pay others via Paypal'.
  20. jonty

    Jacket And Mat For Sale.

    We like Parcels2go. Great savings than going direct to Royal mail or other courier companies. Ive just had a quote to send a pair of roof bars for a car 1200mm long, to 'anywhere in the world' £10. WOW. I sent an plate warming drawer to a guy in Cheshire and took out extra insurance. When it arrived, it looked like someone had stood on it and dented and ruined it. We had photos of before and after and they paid out with no quibble straight away. Highly recommended, provided you get the correct cover. Jonty
  21. jonty

    M22 And/or 1" Elements

    The old 1" type are regularly on ebay. Bit of pot luck with the sizes though. I appreciate they are more expensive, but a variable foresight may be your answer, but you would have to check if they go down to the thin line you are seeking.
  22. jonty

    Swap: My Precise Medium Grip For Your L

    I think its inside where the adjusting bolt is, up through the bottom. Should be an L or an M. J
  23. I have for sale a Barry Neeson 11" tube (13" total length) This will fit the modern 1913 and 2013 barrels. The extention tubes are said to be a great advantage for shooters particularly senior shooters who eyes may not be what they used to be. If you have any questions, please drop me a P.M.