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  1. 20Series Anschutz For Sale.

    Original post had sold against it two days after being posted.
  2. Starik Carbon Tuner Tube Sold !

    Good to know it sold
  3. 20Series Anschutz For Sale.

    Sorry. All sold straight away.
  4. Butt Hook.

    Hi I'm looking for a butt hook and carrier for an Anschutz 20series. Scott
  5. Butt Hook.

    Thanks. Can you send me a couple of photos. My club mate is happy with the price. I'd need bank details to transfer money. Scott
  6. Butt Hook.

    Cheers Neale I'll tell my club mate. We are not back until next Thursday so if you could hang on till then that would be great. Scott
  7. Butt Hook.

    Used would be better. It's for an alloy stock. I'd need the carrier and pins. Budget would be as cheap as possible. scott
  8. Butt Hook.

    Hi I'm looking for a butt hook and carrier for an Anschutz 20series. Scott
  9. 20Series Anschutz For Sale.

    I've just purchased a new Anschutz 54.3 so I'm selling my 20 Series. I've had the rifle from new 12years passed August. Ive only put 40-45000 rounds through it as I took a few years out (started a family) The stock broke 3months ago but it's been welded and seems solid. So I'm trying to find out the best way to sell it. Barrel and action with a Neesom tube, no sights £850. Ono. I'd add the stock without a hook for an extra £100. I've also put my Starik 13" runner tube up for sale £140+pp. Please message me for photos via email. Thanks Scott
  10. 20Series Anschutz For Sale.

    Sold. Russell. sorry club member grabbed me as soon as I walked in the door. he mentioned it last week. Thanks Scott
  11. 20Series Anschutz For Sale.

    Russell Can you send me your email address. Easier to send photos via email. Scott
  12. Starik Tuner Tube

    I am selling my Starik Carbon Fibre TunerTube as I've have bought a new rifle and it will not fit on it, It is 13 inches long as is like new as I have only had it since July this year. I bought it second hand but previous owner bought it new on January 2016. I had it on my 20series Anschutz but would fit a 19 series also. I am looking for around £140 +PP for it. My barrel diameter is 25.75mm. Contact me for photos if interested. I've also my old rifle for sale but under another post. Scott
  13. Starik Tuner Tube

  14. Gun Chest

    We now have a spare Thompson chest for sale. It 950mm * 330mm and can hold 10 rifles. Ideal for a club. Looking for around £150 and buyer must uplift. I'm in central Scotland. Email me for photos. scottdixon2213@yahoo.com Thanks.
  15. Gun Chest

    This one is narrower but deeper. also perfect for a club. Again email for more details.
  16. Gun Chest

    This is the big safe - 8-10 rifles no problem. Message me for more details. This is perfect for a club.
  17. For Sale: Bleiker Action With Tested Tenex

    how much of the tenex you still got.
  18. Rifle Wanted

    Hi, Has anyone got a 1903, 1907 or 1911 for sale.. My nephew is looking for his own rifle and is hoping Santa could help out.. Thanks again Scott
  19. Sight Raiser Blocks

    I'm looking for a rear sight raiser block 3-5mm if any has one spare to fit an 20series Anschutz.
  20. Sight Raiser Blocks

    I ran out of elevation at 100yds after getting a tube. I have now got a 4mm raiser block which has done the trick. Thanks Edinkillie..
  21. Gun Chest

    Not sold.. We have two chests for sale and 7 lockers. The two chests will hold 8 rifles each, £150 each but buyer to uplift. The lockers are slimline ones for club members jackets, kit etc, you could get a single rifle in them. £20 each uplifted. Please email for photos if intrested. Cant see how to upload photos. Scott
  22. Gun Chest

  23. Gun Chest

    I'll add photos on Thursday when I'm back at the club. Can't see how to add photos from my phone. S
  24. Megalink 4K187

    Lee, If it falls through I'll take it.
  25. Scatt Usb With 25 Yard Shoot Through Frame

    the clue is in the title....