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  1. Brilliant, cheers Wesley, I’ll see you there Thursday afternoon. Best regards Bob
  2. Will do Wesley, Is Thursday 12th OK, I should be there all afternoon and evening, staying at the L&M Thursday night ready for a days shoot on Friday. If Friday evening would be better I could stay after the shoot. Did you want me to bring the Starik tuner and Centra spy rear sight as well? Best regards Bob
  3. Jonathan, The batch test shows what the rifle can do, I’m not sure that my failings as a shooter with poor technique, age, diabetes cataract’s and high blood pressure or whatever bears any reflection on what the rifle can do. Wesley, thanks for your interest, I am scheduled to be there 12th/13th March but when can YOU make it and I’ll try to fit in.
  4. It is as standard and comes with everything it was supplied with when new. I have kept a very accurate record (excel spreadsheet) of each use and rounds fired. It was purchased in early 2016 from Sam Kelly (Intershoot) FIRST OUTING: 6th March 2016 at Leicester and District Rifle and Pistol club (Groby) where it fired 60 rounds of RWS R50. LAST OUTING: 27th Feb 2019 again at the Leicester and District Rifle and Pistol Club (Groby) where it fired 104 rounds of Lapua Centre-X TOTAL NUMBER OF OUTINGS = 136 TOTAL NUMBER ROUNDS FIRED = 15,392 DAMAGE: None to speak of really, just a few very small marks from 3yrs of careful use. I have an extensive set of photos which I took when I dismantled it for cleaning, it’s best I send you a shared link to these as they are quite large and too many to email. These should show the whole thing, warts and all. There are also photographs of the last Batch test it did at Bisley 2018 (I didn't go last year) https://1drv.ms/u/s!Asn3yHYpiYIP-Ejp6rnr6RPeRTZv?e=RaApzh I AM ASKING £3200 for the standard rifle, a huge saving over a new one. I have a short Starik tuner and a centra spy rear sight and would ask a total of £3700 if the Starik Tuner and Centra Spy rear sight are bought with the rifle I also have 750 rounds of centre-x that I would give with the rifle if I get my preferred asking price. I do quite regularly visit Bisley usually once a month (although I haven’t been able to for the last few months due to wife needing help at home) so viewing could be arranged there if this rifle warrants further investigation by you. Best Regards Bob
  5. PM Replied to, Sorry Paul, Chris had already asked to buy it via PM. He has confirmed he wants it. All the best Bob
  6. BobSki

    SOLD Lenshood II

    Hi guys, I received this only last week, and when fitting my Duplex to my rifle, it really highlighted the fact that my Anschutz 7002 rear sight was off centre due to the Anschutz fitting not being compatible with the Walther dovetail. As a consequence, My Anschutz 7002 is up for sale in another thread and here I am offering my brand new Lenshood 2 for only £20 inc p&p. It has only been fitted once (yesterday 30/10/17). PHOTO Methods of payment: Cash on collection or Bank Transfer
  7. Hi all. I am selling my 20 click Anschutz 7002 canting rear sight. It was used on my Anschutz 1813 action but is NOT compatible with my Walther KK500. It is in excellent used condition and functions perfectly. Unfortunately, when fitted to the Walther action, the rear sight is left of centre of the rifle bore so it is up for sale. I am asking £250 plus postage at cost. Photos Methods of payment: Cash on collection or Bank Transfer
  8. BobSki

    4mm Raiser Block

    I have one on the thread in the forsale section title is items for sale during small-bore week. See if that’s what your after. All the best Bob
  9. I was thinking of getting a vario one as I have no idea what size insert I would need. I shoot with an 18mm foresight tunnel on the end of a short Starik tube so I really don't know what size would be required. I'll PM you.
  10. Gary, did this get sold?
  11. Hi all, I'm looking for a Walther fit Centra Spy rear sight (preferably the long version but not essential). Cheers Bob
  12. Hi Scott, it's only one block, for the rear sight. If you still want them both for £40, they are yours mate. I'll PM you my mobile number. Thanks for buying them and all the best Bob
  13. Hi All, I will be taking the following items to Bisley and putting a "for sale" notice up in the stats tent. I will be arriving at Bisley around lunch time tomorrow. I will be staying at the IBIS Club which is the bungalow at the Century end of NRA car park (to the Left of the City club as you walk between it and the L&M) Champion Olympic Shooting frames complete with centering device, Allen key and box. - £200 PHOTOS Knoblock 165 shooting frames with spare lens holder- £50 PHOTOS Centra Score M18 for Anschutz Match 54 - £30 PHOTOS Centra High-End Glass Element M22 3.4 /1.2 - £10 Centra High-End Glass Element M22 3.4 /1.2 - £10 Centra High-End Glass Element M22 3.6 /1.2 - £10 Centra High-End Glass Element M18 4.0 /1.4 - £10 Centra Level 2 front sight bubble – Blue M18 - £35 PHOTOS Gehman combination and optical 575 - £160 PHOTOS Anschutz rear sight rubber eye cup - £5 PHOTOS Anschutz rear sight riser block for match 54/1813 - £15 PHOTOS UK NEIL Aluminium palm riser to fit anschutz rail. £20 PHOTOS All the best Bob
  14. I'll look out for it mate. I'm shooting the weekend aggregate at 08:30 through to about 11:30 on the first Saturday. After that I'm free for the rest of the weekend. I'll be staying at the IBIS club which is the little bungalow to your Left as you go past the L&M toward the 300yd range on Century. All the best Bob
  15. I have for sale my S&B 5-25 x 56 PM II scope with a P4 Fine FFP reticle. Reticle and turrets in Mil Rad It is in superb condition and. Has been well looked after which I hope you can see in the photo's accessed via the link below. I am asking £1950 (OVNO) posted (tracked and insured up to £2000) PHOTOS
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