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  1. AlanF

    Extension tube

    Hi, Just for interest I have a Mec Strike tube that is designed for the barrel diameter you have. Have a look on Edinkillie and you can see what it is like. It is a super piece of kit. Happy to send you a photo. all the best Alan
  2. Hi Thomas, Did you get this covered, If not I may be able to help. Let me know and I will send some photos. Thanks Alan
  3. Hi Louise, If you are still looking for a stand, I may be able to help. I have an Andrews Stand, good for Prone with some adaptors to lower the scope height etc. Happy to send you some photos. Let me know if you are still looking. Thanks
  4. Hi Wesley, Are you still looking for any of the items listed. May be able to help with some of the items. Let me Know. Thanks Alan
  5. Hi Jonty, Did you get this one covered as I think I may have what you are looking for. Can take a picture and send through if you want. It is in the list of Items you saw yesterday All the best Alan
  6. Hi John, If you haven't got this covered yet, I have some items for sale in the "For Sale" section - only posted last night. Some good items there as I am having to give up shooting. It is Under AlanF - Kit for sale having to give up shooting. May help. Thanks Alan
  7. Hi Wesley, I have posted last night a number of items for sale - a few Irises and some foresights. It is about second or third item down on the For Sale side - AlanF - Kit for sale - giving up shooting. This may help. All the best Alan
  8. AlanF

    .22 rifle sights

    Hi Jamie, I have some foresights for sale. If you have a look at my post - Kit for sale AlanF there may be something that could interest you. Thanks Alan
  9. Hi, I will take some photos in the morning, I am out this evening. I will get them over to you. If you can PM and let me have your contact details I will send by lunchtime tomorrow. All the best Alan
  10. Dear all, I have a couple of recent enquires looking for some items. Just to let you know I have now cleared, sold, or donated the last few Items. Many thanks for all your help here. Good luck in your shooting and for those who can remember him... ...In the words of the late Bert Brookes of Ely - "Aim high and shoot straight!!" All the best Alan Dear all, I have reworked the spreadsheet to show the final position. I plan to run this for one more week and then to sign off. Thanks Many thanks for the that have been in touch already. I have updated the spreadsheet with what has been sold or reserved. Thanks to all. I am having to stop shooting. I have a bit of a collection of equipment I have built up over the years. For those of you who have bought some of my kit previously, you will know that I look after my equipment! As there are a number of items, I have listed the items on a spreadsheet as attached. Most of the items are self explanatory and the condition is as described. If you need photos or more information please let me know. There are still Shooting Equipment for sale - sold 5.xlsxShooting Equipment for sale - sold 5.xlsxa few bargains ready for Bisley! I also have an Anschutz air rifle for sale at a reduced price - currently listed on page 9 of the forum. A sad day... Shooting Equipment for sale - sold 5.xlsx
  11. ANSCHUTZ 9003 S2 Precision Air rifle – SOLD This rifle is in pretty much Mint Condition Minimal use - probably fewer than 500 shots fired This is a Left Handed Rifle It is supplied with a Large Grip and a Mec “Free Position” butt plate TEC-HRO riser blocks front and rear. Variable foresight. Hard case, instruction booklet, test group and original invoice available. Supplied by Edinkellie System Recoil and vibration-free ANSCHUTZ compressed air barrelled action. Tension free connection and vibration damping fixing of the barrelled action in the aluminium stock through patent-pending Soft Link shock absorber pads and absolutely maintenance-free stabilizer working axially to shot release. Ultra-short lock time due to compound materials, optimized firing pin and new trigger unit. New and innovative safety concept. Recharging adaptor also included £1,2500 ONO - please get in touch for more details and photos. Mec Sights and precision butt plate available if required as a separate item.
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