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  1. I have a surplus side mounted rear Trakker sight and bracket for a right handed firer - £220. The sight is in good condition.
  2. Still holding them for you. Has the club FAC been updated?
  3. I am currently holding sale as a club has made an offer for them and are in the process have having a variation on their FAC. If this does not continue to fruition, I will get back to you and see if you are still interested. Regards Dave
  4. Hi Mary As I hadn't heard from you, I have now unfortunately sold both bipods. Regards Dave
  5. Hi Mary I don't have a paypal account. Are you likely to be at Bisley next weekend?
  6. I have 2 x Freeland spotting scope stands for sale One without extension rod - £110 One with extension rod - £120
  7. I have 2 x Centra folding bipods for sale - £30 each
  8. I have 2 x Anschutz 4571 Handstops for sale either individually or multiples - £30 each 2 sold subject to payment
  9. Hi Scott No need for a deposit. I will definitely keep them to one side until your variation is complete. We can sort out which RFD's to transfer and payment once we're ready Regards Dave
  10. OK Scott, we can tie things properly when your variation is completed
  11. Hi Scott We are not in any immediate rush to sell the rifles, so can hold them for you. Due to our different locations (we are based in Nottinghamshire,) we will need to come up with a workable arrangement for transfer when your FAC is sorted. Can you email me - woodys62@gmail.com, so we can tie things down properly. Regards Dave
  12. Hi Scott No problems. Where in the country are you based? Dave
  13. Yes both are still available
  14. Hi Paul Both triggers are in good condition but are the older type Regards Dave
  15. Looking for around £90 or open to offers
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