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Neesom Flip Over Sight

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Barry's foresights are tailored for your sight radius (i.e.- the amount of offset in the inner tube is proportional to the distance between your rear iris and the plane of the front sight insert).


If you find someone willing to part with theirs, you may want to make sure their sight radius is close to yours.


I have two of Barry's foresights (both 22mm with the level) and they are wonderful. The longer it takes US shooters to catch on, the longer I will enjoy my advantage.


Paul Gideon

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Is Barry still making his flip-over front sights? I tried to find a picture of one online but no luck. I'd like to give 100 yards a try this summer but don't fancy mucking around with my cheekpiece.


I'd appreciate it if someone could send me his email address, or at least confirm his phone number. I'm across the pond so calling is a bit of a hassle, and I'm not sure if he'd be willing to ship overseas. Thanks!



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