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  1. Selling on behalf of clubmate: Centra / MEC handstop in excellent condition. £80 posted. Walter
  2. Originally posted in 2009, so probably sold?
  3. As per my pm, this is it. Cheers Walter
  4. That serial number makes it a 16 Series, like mine, number 1799--X. That is not to say it is the original stock, of course. Walter
  5. I'll have that please Mac Walter Griffin
  6. I have MEC frames for sale. Tried to send pm, but your inbox must be full. Walter Griffin
  7. I'll take the Gehmann 565 iris / filters please. PM sent Walter
  8. Further to our previous pm conversation confirming I will take the MEC Glasses, how do you want to be paid? Cheque, Paypal? Cheers, Walter
  9. I'm a Griffin, but I don't have one of those stocks! Sorry. Walter
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