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  1. tenpointnine

    Centra / MEC handstop SOLD

    Hand-stop now sold.
  2. tenpointnine

    Centra / MEC handstop SOLD

    Selling on behalf of clubmate: Centra / MEC handstop in excellent condition. £80 posted. Walter
  3. tenpointnine

    Nikko Stirling Diamond 10-50x60 inc Burris XTR rings

    PM sent. Walter
  4. tenpointnine

    Feinerkbau 2700 For Sale

    Originally posted in 2009, so probably sold?
  5. tenpointnine

    Kneeling Roll And Air Rifle/3P Stand

    As per my pm, this is it. Cheers Walter
  6. tenpointnine

    Anchutz 1407 Rifle Stock For Match 54 For Sale.

    That serial number makes it a 16 Series, like mine, number 1799--X. That is not to say it is the original stock, of course. Walter
  7. tenpointnine

    Anschütz 1907 In Grünig+Elmiger Rs Iii Stock

    I'll have that please Mac Walter Griffin
  8. tenpointnine

    Mec Shooting Frames

    I have MEC frames for sale. Tried to send pm, but your inbox must be full. Walter Griffin
  9. I'll take the Gehmann 565 iris / filters please. PM sent Walter
  10. tenpointnine

    Everything Must Go!

    Further to our previous pm conversation confirming I will take the MEC Glasses, how do you want to be paid? Cheque, Paypal? Cheers, Walter
  11. tenpointnine

    Everything Must Go!

    PM Sent.
  12. tenpointnine

    2013 Extension Tube

    PM sent
  13. tenpointnine

    Fr703 Gemini Rifle

    I'm a Griffin, but I don't have one of those stocks! Sorry. Walter
  14. tenpointnine

    Air Bottle Wanted

    I will see how much the test costs me and let you know.