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  1. Al Barry's foresights are tailored for your sight radius (i.e.- the amount of offset in the inner tube is proportional to the distance between your rear iris and the plane of the front sight insert). If you find someone willing to part with theirs, you may want to make sure their sight radius is close to yours. I have two of Barry's foresights (both 22mm with the level) and they are wonderful. The longer it takes US shooters to catch on, the longer I will enjoy my advantage. Paul Gideon
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    Robert Of the several shooting websites that I frequent, stirton.com and The Smallbore Journal remain my favorites. Both feature a high degree of sharing and substance mixed with occasional humorous exchanges. Although I surf Target Talk and Benchrest Central Rimfire Forum, I find the testy personal exchanges are a significant deterrant to participating on them. Being a 'credible expert' there does not necessarily spare you from unpleasant and non-constructive replies. The Smallbore Journal is unique in enforcing the use of your name. Even here, I sometimes learn a member's identity from context or by a reply addressing a post with their real name. Both that forum and this one require registration, have active moderators, and attract competitors who are willing to share their hard-earned discoveries. These features create environments where sharing and discussion aren't punishing experiences. Since the subject matter is shooting, a fair amount of teasing and even some good-natured sarcasm are to be expected. Paul Gideon
  3. Bob: The (hardly) used Anschutz 2013 metallic stock at Champion Shooter's Supply actually is mine. They have it on a consignment basis. If the approximate price is OK, perhaps I could ship it to you as individual-to-individual? I'm not versed in the regulations and/or possible legal technicalities, so I'd have to rely on your advice on this. Paul Gideon
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