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  1. 10x

    SWING parts

    Well done, i owed you for the air rifle.........
  2. Have for sale my sons air rifle. 2002 precharged, alloy stock with Anschutz 7002/20 sight set complete with Centra 5 colour adjustable iris and gunguard box. Plus air tank adaptor and weights NOW SOLD Little use and no use in the last 4 years. 2 Tins of RWS R10 pellets. Gehmann 3p stand, with pellet box. Paint work scratched a lot but still mechanically sound NOW SOLD Trutmann boots size 10 1/2 with strechers, not currently legal spec with straight toes. £30 All plus postage Regards Adrian
  3. Hello Jonty Sorry not trying to steal Peter's thunder, I have a spare block with screws if you wish. Same conditions apply..... Regards Adrian...
  4. 10x

    Neesom Flip Over Sight

    Hello Jason His e-mail address is bnesom@hotmail.co.uk Regards Adrian.
  5. has not set their status

  6. Hello All I have for sale a Panoramic Mk1 rearsight for sale. Recently overhauled Hex keys,`o' rings and protective box £120 including postage or part ex for centre 10-50 righthand sight... Regards Adrian...
  7. 10x

    Centra Mirror

    Perc you have PM Adrian...
  8. I have for sale a Torqueleader torque wrench no QS6SD .5 to 6nm 1/4 male drive with adapter to 1/4 hex plus T handle as new. Sells new at Fultons for £125. £50 + p&p Also brand new Haag-Streit swiss made trigger pressure gauge 25-250 gramm ideal for smallbore £45 + p&p Used as above £30 + p&p Used Haag-Streit 200-2000 gramm ideal for fullbore. £45 + p&p. Send me e-mail Adrian.......
  9. 10x

    2013 Tube

    This years Roberts winner uses a short barreled 2013 so they can`t be all bad
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