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  1. chrisbaker42

    Tier-One Evo Ftr Bipod

    Sold to Huey
  2. chrisbaker42

    Tier-One Evo Ftr Bipod

    Any offers considered or I would part exchange for a quality front rest.
  3. chrisbaker42

    Tier-One Evo Ftr Bipod

    Only used twice at the range, I prefer a good rest. Condition as new (maybe one or two small marks from putting on rifle and removing, no scratches) Complete with both rail and stud fittings in fully fitted case. New £285 + stud fitting + postage. Buy mine for £230 inc. postage. Photos to follow.
  4. chrisbaker42

    Anschutz Supermatch For Sale

    Has this been sold yet?