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  1. Mark

    foresight bubble

    Hi, I have a foresight bubble to suit anschutz 18mm foresight from a match 54. Pm for more details and pictures.
  2. Rifle has been withdrawn from sale.
  3. Pm replied to and rifle on hold for Paul.
  4. For sale, Anschutz 1813 in precise alloy stock, 4765 butt plate, gehmann 590 rear sight, anschutz fore sight , mec handstop and folding bipod. Rifle is in excellent condition. Round count approx 62000. Ex Neil almond rifle. Scope and bench rest block not included in the sale. £950. Face to face.
  5. The scope has been sold as well.
  6. Pm replied too. Rifle is on hold until Saturday.
  7. Pms replied too. Would sell rifle without scope but with diopter sights, handstop and bipod for £300
  8. Anschutz 1813 supermatch .22LR rifle, wood stock, anschutz buttplate with hook. Stainless barrel, leupold BR36X benchrest scope with fine cross hair and dot. Sportsmatch mounts. Also have bipod, front and rear sights and handstop so can be used for prone shooting. Superbly accurate rifle and has been used for 25 yard benchrest shooting with good success. Stock has some marks as would be expected from use. £500 complete face to face and buyer must have relevant slot on their FAC.
  9. Hi, have you tried John knibbs, he has spares for most of the bsa rifles.
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