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  1. Hi, Please can I have first refusal. Just need a few details. many thanks Will Pm. Best paul
  2. Hello, if this can be used for prone I'll take it.. Best Paul
  3. Hi Mark, I'd like first refusal on on this please. I have a spare slot on my FAC. I'll PM you. Best Paul
  4. spothunter

    Prone to Win

    Try this link. It's free to download. https://bedstargetsupplies.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Prone_to_Win_by_Chris_Fordham.pdf Best Paul
  5. spothunter

    Match 54 Stock

    Only thing is he's in Canada for the next 3 weeks ....
  6. PM for the black Gehmann rear sight iris 0.5-3.0 6 colours and 2 polarisers
  7. And just to clarify, we're not looking for freebies (although that would be very welcome) we are expecting to pay for this kit ..... Best Paul
  8. Hello Everyone, I'm helping a local school to set up a smallbore shooting club which is in need of the above mentioned equipment. We have been given some funds but they won't go very far if we have to buy new particularly jackets and scope stands which are at the top of the list. We have been fortunate in that a London rifle club has donated 4 old Anschutz target rifles and we have been promised some old Greenkats but they can't help us out with jackets or scope stands so if anybody has any of the above one they are looking to rehome please contact me. Many thanks Paul
  9. OK - I'll PM you my address back. Just going downstairs to look at the box ....
  10. Hi Bruce, Many thanks for the photos and I'll happily pay you £240 for the pair so we have a deal. Let me have your bank details and I'll make a transfer. Btw mine is the later one but I've got no idea of the number. Where would I find it? Many thanks Best Paul
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