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  1. spothunter

    Bolt Protector

    PM sent
  2. spothunter

    SOLD: Anschutz 1913

    PM sent
  3. spothunter

    Stainless 1913 barrel and action

    PM Sent
  4. PM Sent Best Regards Paul
  5. spothunter

    L/h 1913 In 1918 Precise Stock

    If it had been right handed I'd have bitten yr arm off. Good luck. Best Paul
  6. spothunter

    For Sale: System Gemini Buttplate

    Hi James, PM sent Regards Paul
  7. spothunter

    Stock For A 1913

    I'm just about to advertise my System Gemini with SG handstop and bipod if you're interested. Regards Paul
  8. Hi All, Am looking for an Anschutz Precise (large grip) with 1913 barrelled action or just 1913 barrelled action. If anyone has one. Thank you paul
  9. spothunter

    Items For Sale On Behalf Of A Retired Club Member

    Am interested in the Kelly see through rear sight. Have PM'd you. Regards Paul
  10. spothunter

    Fs: Gemini Buttplate

    Have also PMed you All Best Paul
  11. spothunter

    Fs: Gemini Buttplate

    Hi, Would you accept £225? I usually don't like to penny pinch but I'm upgrading my kit and am trying to stretch my cash as far as it will go. If so we have a deal. All Best Paul