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  1. And just to clarify, we're not looking for freebies (although that would be very welcome) we are expecting to pay for this kit ..... Best Paul
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm helping a local school to set up a smallbore shooting club which is in need of the above mentioned equipment. We have been given some funds but they won't go very far if we have to buy new particularly jackets and scope stands which are at the top of the list. We have been fortunate in that a London rifle club has donated 4 old Anschutz target rifles and we have been promised some old Greenkats but they can't help us out with jackets or scope stands so if anybody has any of the above one they are looking to rehome please contact me. Many thanks Paul
  3. OK - I'll PM you my address back. Just going downstairs to look at the box ....
  4. Hi Bruce, Many thanks for the photos and I'll happily pay you £240 for the pair so we have a deal. Let me have your bank details and I'll make a transfer. Btw mine is the later one but I've got no idea of the number. Where would I find it? Many thanks Best Paul
  5. Just to clarify, I would intend to take them both subject to Bruce's agreement as I have 2 different rifle set ups. P
  6. Hi Everyone, Does anyone have a Jim Duguid rear sight they'd be prepared to sell? I've been using one for quite a few years and I'm fed up having to re zero everytime I move between 50m and 100yds so decided to splash the cash. If so PM me and we can make a deal. Best Paul
  7. OK Thanks for looking Dave. Best Paul
  8. Hi Dave, My club could be interested in one of them if the action and trigger are in good condition BUT they must have the later trigger - see the pictures. The one we are after is the one with silver trigger mechanism. Don't worry about the tang attached to the back of the trigger - that's been attached to enable fitting into a Junior stock. Best Regards Paul
  9. Hi Ross, It might help to list the "extras" in this thread as they can have a significant effect on the overall price depending on what they are of course. If they are indeed extras then selling them separately would allow you to reduce your asking price which might generate more responses. Best Paul
  10. spothunter

    shooting glasses

    Give Simon Goldsmith a call at Stewards of Bisley -http://www.stewardsportsglasses.co.uk/. He has the shop next to Fultons at Bisley but he's usually only open there during the Imperial. His practice however is in Bristol and is probably the one referred to above. My advice is go to a decent optician locally and get a prescription. Then call Simon, tell him you're a shooter and the shooting glasses you have and he will recommend an adjustment to the prescription and will have a lens made up for you which he will send you in the post and you fit yourself. There is no need to have him carry out the test himself. What differentiates him from ordinary opticians is he that he understands that a shooter needs to be able to focus more on the foresight when one is shooting and he adjusts the prescription for the shooting lens accordingly. Best Paul
  11. I would be very interested in that for my cadets if it's not already sold. Is it the small or the large Tucker and would I be right in assuming the greenkat eyepiece is x25? Also does the scope have a cover (you know what youngsters are like)
  12. spothunter


    Sorry didn't see that. The dimensions are, but for 0.22mm on the diameter almost identical but it's just occurred to me that it's not the dimesions but rather the foresight dovetail that will be the issue so I'm now thinking it's not going to work. Shame but that's life. Best Paul
  13. spothunter


    Hi, I'm looking for one for my Anschutz 1913 but I know the barrel diameter and length are critical and it probably won't fit bearing in mind you bougt it for a Walther. But hey ho, you never know. Can you tell me what the barrel dimensions of your KK are? Best Paul
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