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  1. Looking for the above for one of the members at my club. Let me know if you have or know of anyone that had one for sale?
  2. @tim s That looked like a good shout but it's for an inch tube, I need 30mm and looking online it looks like they don't have an equivalent in 30mm?
  3. Cheers Tim, I've got Tier One 20moa rails on my centrefires which are fine but as mentioned I'd like to leave weaver/Picatinny as a last resort. I have BKL on my sub 12 stuff which I'm more than happy with so I'll take a look at your option.
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  5. A long story short but today was my first time out with my rifle, scope and rings combo shooting out to 100m. The package I'm using is an 1813 Supermatch, Sightron S3 45x45ED and Tier One dovetail rings. When zeroing the scope reached its max elevation leaving the impact 3" high of the bull. Has anyone got any ideas for the best way to give me more elevation WITHOUT shimming the rear ring or having to convert to Weaver/Picatinny?
  6. Does anyone know of one that is available in 177 and has the quickfill, if so can you let me know via pm or leave a reply .
  7. 40x is no issue at 50m I used a Falcon X50 at that distance, no issues.
  8. I already have one in excellent condition, that said I do know someone that wants one, as he's struggling to get hold of a 150, can you pm me a price and any photos etc? Regards
  9. Has anyone got one that they are no longer using? Let me know what you have including condition, service, photos and of course price. Regards
  10. It sold yesterday for the asking price
  11. I was using the Falcon primarily at high mag hence going for the 45. I also have a Sightron 45ED on another rig, that too is shot at 50 and 100m informally. The beauty of the Falcon is that it focuses down to 10m but it is surplus to requirement now.
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