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  1. It sold yesterday for the asking price
  2. I was using the Falcon primarily at high mag hence going for the 45. I also have a Sightron 45ED on another rig, that too is shot at 50 and 100m informally. The beauty of the Falcon is that it focuses down to 10m but it is surplus to requirement now.
  3. I'm using the Leupold @50m BR, that is once I'm back up and running.
  4. #1 I bought this new from optics warehouse a couple of years ago to sit on my Anschutz 22RF bench rifle, I replaced it with a Leupold 45 and was going to use the Falcon on another rig but lockdown came and scuppered those plans. It's been sat in the box for over a year now and the other rifle is way on the back burner. This really is an excellent piece of glass for the money, excellent reviews and used in various disciplines. The scope is as new and comes with box, papers and I may have the receipt somewhere? Price is £565 including secure post or can be c
  5. I have the new Falcon X50 which I was using for a very brief period on my Anschutz 1813 Supermatch before I changed to a Leupold Comp 45. The Falcon X50 is as new condition, completely unmarked and has been sat stored in its box for the past year. I'm looking for £565 which includes secure post.
  6. In good condition, comes with the black bag as per photo and 2 Caldwell filled bags, the wide forend bag hasn't been used. Only selling as picked up a SEB. £160.
  7. Looking for a SEB front rest, must be in vgc.
  8. I got the same earlier, Silly cnut 😂
  9. Yup, a guy was scammed over on UKV.
  10. Had a message from a Michael 112 responding to wanted as I put up on the forum , claims a Lawrence in London has either of the scopes I'm looking for . This has been happening on UKV also .
  11. As per title, must be in excellent condition. Thanks.
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