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  1. Looking for a SEB front rest, must be in vgc.
  2. I got the same earlier, Silly cnut 😂
  3. Yup, a guy was scammed over on UKV.
  4. Had a message from a Michael 112 responding to wanted as I put up on the forum , claims a Lawrence in London has either of the scopes I'm looking for . This has been happening on UKV also .
  5. As per title, must be in excellent condition. Thanks.
  6. High mounts for a 30mm tube, must be in excellent condition.
  7. Looking for a 64 MPR if anyone knows of one going? Thanks
  8. Or similar. Looking for a used one. Thanks
  9. Looking for a stock for my 1813. If someone has a used one then can you let me know. If not can anyone suggest anyone in the UK that makes them? Thanks.
  10. Hello Tim, yes mine is the one with the Allen bolts. Do you know where I can source the parts you mentioned? Thanks
  11. As per title. For a 3P stock. If anyone knows where I can source one from I'd appreciate it. Thanks..
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