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  1. Upgrading The Forum

    Well folks, I'm always keeping an eye out for security patches etc for the forum but it appears that a couple of days ago, Invision, the developers of this forum have finally revoked support/downloads for the free version of this forum. There are quite a few options as I see it and would like some feedback from you, the user. The three most popular boards/forums should you care to have a look: www.invisionboard.com - IPB (current) www.vbulletin.com - VB www.phpbb.com - phpBB (used to run that for this forum) Obviously, taking the current users and posts to a new forum is a major consideration (there are however normally scripted means for doing this) and exactly how much time and effort this is going to take, and what it's going to cost! Version 3.1.0 of VBulletin (still to come) is looking good but Invision's new version 2 of the forum is packed with features also... and an additional photo gallery can be purchased and bolted on to the forum direct. There will most likely be a cost associated with licencing the new forum (if one of the above options are chosen). The options I see for covering this cost would be to: - Allow some small adverts from shooting related companies/individuals to help cover the costs. - Get sponsorship from one or two shooting companies for the whole forum. - Ask for small donations from the members - Ask for a sign up fee (don't really like that idea - the forum is supposed to be free). I'm looking for constructive feedback and ideas from you guys in order to keep improving the forum and attract many more members from the shooting world! Thanks Neil
  2. Upgrading The Forum

    Thanks John I'll get the donate button up when I can but in the middle of some large projects and also trying to train towards the upcoming Comm Champs .. not enough hours in the day!
  3. Upgrading The Forum

    I've modified the language template and think that should be it now, can you refresh and check? Thanks
  4. Upgrading The Forum

    Thanks David, Will put it on the new version of the forum
  5. Upgrading The Forum

    Forum will be getting upgraded to v4 imminently!!
  6. Upgrading The Forum

    Thanks guys, and OK I'm happy to keep things running (donations welcome - will get that setup on the site again ) Working in the IT industry, I know all too well how old versions of software tend to lend themselves to the unscrupulous ones out there, giving them known (and unpatched) exploits they can target. This version of the forum went end of life in terms of support a couple of months back, and would like to keep it up-to-date and as secure as possible to limit attempts from hackers ... that's my main driver for upgrading .. security!
  7. Please Read!

    Terms and conditions: 1) The For Sale forum is intended for non-commercial posts. 2) Occasional (once per 3 months) commercial posts, from active members, will be overlooked but I stress the active part. These posts must also be kept to a bare minimum - get your point/goods across as succinctly as possible please. 3) Anything that does not adhere to the above or anything I, or one of the moderators, deem unreasonable will be removed without notice :!: Sorry for the stern tone of this post - just trying to keep the forum on track and what it is intended it for - airing shooter's personal views and opinions :roll: Happy selling
  8. Please Read!

    Hi Cumbrian, Thank you. Would be interested to hear from people about how they still use the forum, as posts primarily seem to indicated For Sale and Wanted....
  9. Upgrading The Forum

    Hi all, Well over the last few years, we've all seen Facebook take the world by storm. I'm very conscious that there are many shooting groups on there as it's quick and easy to access. Looking to the memebership here to see if it's worth upgrading the forum software to a supported version (cost about £400) and whether people would be willing to contribute at all, or whether no-one is really using the forum in anger these days? Will look into better integration with Facebook and Twitter etc, and I know that you can use the TapaTalk app on your phone in order to load the forum in a more mobile friendly format. Let me know your thoughts please people! Thanks Neil
  10. Wsra

    Slug33ukuk, Absolutely no reason other than I've never been asked to create it (as Batty suggested) Done now under Governing Bodies http://forum.stirton.com/index.php/forum/64-wsra/
  11. Everything Must Go!

    PM sent mate
  12. Add Event Date Problem In Calendar

    Fixed ... finally
  13. Upgrading The Forum

    In the process of moving a large number of our clients over to a new server with more power, more RAM and more storage space There may be a little outage on the forum, so bear with us.
  14. Add Event Date Problem In Calendar

    I know ...
  15. Retirement Sale

    Personally, I do not have time AND virtually no-one tells us when they've sold something
  16. I'll leave that up to you Robert
  17. Calendar Dead

  18. Calendar Dead

    So it is ... will look
  19. Hey folks, Anyone interested in any memorabilia from Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games I see an English athlete is selling a heap of clothing .. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Cycling-/7294/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=delhi+2010+commonwealth+games So I thought I'd see if anyone (doubt it, but hey you never know) fancied ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Delhi-2010-Commonwealth-Games-clothing-incl-Team-Scotland-hat-/330810445924?pt=UK_Sports_Memorabilia_ET&hash=item4d05d6d064
  20. Delhi 2010 - Commonwealth Games

    I wish Jonty
  21. Delhi 2010 - Commonwealth Games

    You'd not fit in either mate
  22. Upgrading The Forum

    That sounds fair enough to me Simon. Better for the OP rather than a moderator really.
  23. Upgrading The Forum

    Hi Ian, Just not sure the 'seller' would come and edit the post unfortunately
  24. Upgrading The Forum

    Hi Ian, That's not a bad shout but many people actually list multiple items for sale in one post, so how would you deal with that until they are all sold?