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  1. Walther Expert Hook Buttplate (no carrier) Walther hook buttplate Expert (no carrier) for KK500 or other rifles. Price 160+Shipping Reasonable offers are welcome
  2. RAMOS1972

    Match 54 Stock

    Hello Knymand if I want to buy new I would have to spend between 800 and 1200 depending on the model which stock you choose. My idea is to spend up to 500/700 €
  3. Hello, I have to sell a set of articles, some new others used but in perfect condition, as you can see it in the photos. Some were bought by listening to the advice of other shooters, but not always what worked for them worked for me. Others are articles that came with the weapons I bought and meanwhile I have upgraded. I show the reference values in stores and my price in euros. I will accept proposals by PM of other values or even exchanging for material that may interest me. MEC Strike SR - tube (229€) - 130€ Almost new Handstop MEC Startline (79€) - 70€ SOLD New
  4. RAMOS1972

    Match 54 Stock

    Jonty, yes i did, I didn't realize that it was the same member who had the Tesro stock to sale. I'm still looking for an aluminum one to replace mine .... but at an affordable price
  5. RAMOS1972

    Match 54 Stock

    Does it fit on a 1907?
  6. If some one knows the e-mail of Barry Nesom, or any other way of contact him, could you please send me in a PM so I could order one for a friend. Thanks
  7. Hello Alan, I preferred the type that it is possible to vary the height instead of a fixed height.
  8. Hello, I intend to purchase some equipment for 3P. I am currently looking for some Sight Raiser Blocks + Spacers [Anschutz Dovetail]. I have an Anschutz 1907 stock in a aluminium kk200 stock with its adapter. I would like to exchange the stock for an original Anschutz aluminium stock. If someone has something like this that you want to negotiate please send me a PM.
  9. I don't know if it will be for the price but if someone is interested, I can accept reasonable offers of course.
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