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  1. Wanted 4Mm Sight Raiser Block

    Hey Jonty... I probably have some sight raisers kicking about in my kit bag. We can have a looking this weekend at the range Jamie
  2. Wanted: Anschutz Action Adaptor

    PM Sent
  3. Barrelled Action

    I am looking for a good quality barrelled action, preferably either a 19xx or 20xx series Anschutz. If anyone has one which they are willing to sell and know someone else who does please leave a message below, or send me a PM... Hope you can help. Jamie
  4. Kit Clear Out

    Hi all, Got some bits and bobs for sale... I will upload some photos this evening, but for now, please find below the items, plus indicative prices. If you have any questions, or would like to make me an offer, please send me a message. - Kurt Thune HL Trousers (Size 50) - RED AND BLACK - £70 now £60 ono - Sauer full fingered glove - RED AND BLACK - £10 now £5 - Anschutz ahg fingerless glove - BLACK AND BLUE - £10 SOLD - "neostyle Champion" shooting glasses (around 8 years old) - £30 SOLD - ESE Ambidextrous Sling - WHITE - £10 - Hämmerli 461 Rearsight - BLACK - As New - £250 ono SOLD - Old style Anschutz Rearsight - BLACK - £30 SOLD Happy Shopping!! Jamie
  5. Kit Clear Out

  6. Kit Clear Out

    No one want these trousers?!?! Pretty please? Jamie
  7. Barrelled Action

    Hi All! Still looking for a barrelled action... Please ask around for me and leave me a message or send me a PM. Thanks in advance Jamie
  8. Full Kit For Sale

    Me toooooooo
  9. Bits For Sale

    PM Sent
  10. Kit Clear Out

    Thanks for your interest... Trousers still for sale chaps!! Spread the word
  11. Kit Clear Out

    Hi Al, I am 6 foot 3 with a 34 inch waist... and they fitted. not sure if i can be much more help than that. Ill have a scout around and see if i can get leg lengths etc for you. Thanks Jamie
  12. Steyr Pistol - Lp2 Compact

    PM sent
  13. Club Boots Wanted

    I have a size 12 and a half available... and could throw in some thick socks!
  14. Barrelled Action

  15. Kit Clear Out

    List updated
  16. Kit Clear Out

    Pictures uploaded
  17. New Forum Lay Out

    Well done Neil! Forum looks pretty bad ass!! Keep up the good work mate
  18. Hammerli Rear Sight(S)

    PM sent
  19. Bits For Sale!

    PM Sent
  20. Bits And Bobs

    Hi all, Continuing my clear out of old stuff taking up space I have two right handed gloves for sale and an old style pair of Champion shooting glasses. Sauer full fingered glove (Black and Red) large - £10 Anschutz ahg fingerless glove (Black and Dark Blue)small - £15 "neostyle Champion" shooting glasses (around 8 years old) - £30 Photos are again on request -jamiehodgson1@gmail.com Jamie
  21. Buttplates For Sale

    Three Buttplates for sale. Two old style Anschutz buttplates with carriers and a mec contract III air rifle buttplate. All in great but used condition. Pictures sent on request. Anschutz buttplate - £35 for one or £60 for the pair (ono) Mec contact III Buttplate - £70 ono Drop me a message or an email jamiehodgson1@gmail.com and we can discuss pricing further and I can sent some pictures. Thanks in advance
  22. Buttplates For Sale

    The 2 Anschutz Buttplates are now taken. Thanks for the interst!
  23. Buttplates For Sale

    MEC PLATE NOW SOLD PENDING PAYMENT... The other two buttplates are still up for grabs! JAMIE
  24. Rating V Reputation?

    Could it be that some people aren't keen on moving avatars? Your just Jealous!