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  1. Rich

    Grunig + Elmiger Hybrid 3000 Stock

    Sold to a good home ;-)
  2. Rich

    Mec Contact Iv Butt Plate

  3. Rich

    Bleiker Bloop Tube 290Mm (Long)

    Still have this, make me an offer!
  4. Rich

    Grunig + Elmiger Black 2 Cheek Piece X2

    I still have one. Make me an offer!
  5. Rich

    Mec Contact Iv Butt Plate

    MEC Contact IV Butt Plate (I am at Bisley this week) £200
  6. A base plate to help with attaching butt plates of all makes and models to Grunig & Elmiger RS Revolution rifle stocks. £35 each
  7. Grunig + Elmiger Butt Plate Carrier X2 (I will be at Bisley this week) £140 each A butt plate carriers, complete with ratchet, for Grunig & Elmiger stocks
  8. Grunig + Elmiger Black 2 Cheek Piece X2 (I will be a Bisley this week) £200 each. Also 8mm vertical spacer to raise the height of the Black II Cheekpiece. X2 £18 each Cheekpiece for all G+E RS and XRS Stocks. This unit provides a thumbwheel vertical adjuster, along with two lateral adjusters allowing the cheekpiece to easily be adjusted for the perfect head position. Rotation in the axis of the barrel is also provided.
  9. I have a Grunig + Elmiger Hybrid 3000 Stock (I will be at Bisley this week) £2200 ono Through the combination of Carbon Fibre and Aluminium they have broken new ground in rifle stock design. With a solid connection between the aluminium and carbon fibre they have created a new hybrid body which offers the best characteristics of both materials. Clever arrangement of the carbon fibres allows them to optimise the materials properties for rifle shooting. Extraordinary mechanical properties, such as high strength and flexibility, guarantee a pleasant shooting experience with this stock. The Hybrid 3000 stock features the following advantages: No thermal expansion Optimized vibration behaviour Flexibility, despite high stiffness Warp resistant Impact resistant Strength higher than steel Pleasant to the touch in both cold and warm conditions Ideal balance Top design Aluminium core allows technical adaptations and adjustments Ergonomic shape The stock can be used with the following 50m and 300m actions: G&E R3 Racer G&E R2 Racer G&E Racer World Champion G&E X Racer G&E FT300 Free Rifle G&E FT300 Standard Rifle (Single Shot) G&E ST200 Free Rifle G&E ST200 Standard Rifle (Single Shot) Bleiker Challenger Anschutz 1807-1913 Actions (with Anschutz adaptor plate 001146)
  10. Sold: System Gemini ACTIV Buttplate with carrier plate for sale. In blue, very good condition, I have cut a small piece off the straight end of the hook as it was very long and catching on my rifle. These sell for £338 new! £220 ONO Thanks for looking. Rich
  11. SOLD! Made for the System Gemini ACTIV Free Rifle Butt Plate so you get support while keeping in the ISSF butt plate depth rules. I have two for sale. £10 each
  12. Rich

    System Gemini Cheek Piece

    SOLD... Will fit all Gemini stocks, I have made adjustments to the wood part so it can adjust a bit more hence the £80 for the entire assembly. £80 Delivered
  13. A barrel extension tube for Bleiker rifle 290mm (£360 new) ​Increase the sight base for better sight picture and more accuracy in aim. £200