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Air Rifle (Inc Lefty) And Or Air Pistol

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There might be enough interest up here at Clachnacuddin to allow us reestablish "air" of some sort.


But ...

we have only one non-springer rifle (and that is a pump action probably made with wood taken from the ark) and the only pistol we have eats fingers while cocking it.


Does anybody/any club have any air equipment we could beg, borrow or steal (or even buy :D )?


Even a loan of kit for a month or two (stuff that might be festering in the corner of your club) could be enuf to see if people are serious about re-establishing the discipline.


The trouble? We have lots of lefties!


Oh dear, does this not sound like a wanted ad of about 50 years ago from "Melody Maker" (for those of you old enough to remember).

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