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  1. surplusshed.com in the states OFTEN do retroreflector prisms that work for 25 and 50. I find 2 for 25 and 4 for 50 work fine. I *think* that is where Dave gets his supplies. But, DONT get these ones http://www.surplusshed.com/pages/item/l10537.html
  2. Butt hook arrived safe and sound. Thanks. "Bicycle bits" indeed!
  3. jonmalone

    Noptel Trainer

    Sometimes these people have REALLY CHEAP prisms that work just fine at 50m. http://www.surplusshed.com/search.cfm?Search=prism&Offset=0 Speak with Dave Caughy to get part number --- If I can find an old invoice I will post up the part number I got 4 and put them in some epoxy in a tupperware box.
  4. no stock needed. Action is for "a project", so barrel quality is not material.
  5. We have 1 of these in the club; co2 cartridge powered, light, ambi, standard rail, shoots straight enough. They dont seem to make them any more. I am still trying to pick one up for junior new-starts. We cant be the only people in the UK with one. Does anyone have one languishing in a cupboard that we could procure?
  6. Agreed; But our committee is on a different goal - empty the safe ASAP. I got permission to put a note on Stirton to see if there was anybody wanting them. I cant make it a lifetime goal to keep these beasts from the saw :angry:
  7. I did not weigh them - no scales that work. They are lighter than the Martini action rifles we have. As the vostok(sp) are fairly "long barrelled" they are front heavy - especially so if you were to chop the rear to help them fit smaller people. However they are bolt-action. Photos: http://www.clach-sbrc.org.uk/photos/vostock/00002.jpg http://www.clach-sbrc.org.uk/photos/vostock/00003.jpg They will probably be disposed of (aka scrapped) in a week or twos time as we need to free up the space. Shout now if they are of any interest to anyone.
  8. I am back in the club tomorrow, I can look at them/weigh them. From memory I think they are not particularly light - but dont quote me until I look. A saw on the stock would help them fit juniors and lighten them, but I think the balance could be altered and they become very front heavy. more tomorrow night
  9. We have "upgraded" our club rifles with 4 more anschutz and so need space in the armoury. As a result Clachnacuddin has 4 RH rifles - 2 old BSA martini(sp) rifles and 2 vostoks that we need rid of. Nothing great but they shoot straight. It seems a sin to scrap them. The martini actions may have thumbhole stocks - so cant be classed as "originals". I guess we take ONO but I have been asked to put them in at £50 per piece. I will be down at Bisley in August and over to Aberdeen/Gagie (etc) over the summer and could face to face transfer. All rifles have sights, etc and have been stored in a heated armoury. Nae photos!
  10. jonmalone


    The club is looking for a LH air rifle. I may be looking for a pistol - I have knackered my elbow and I doubt I will be shooting prone this side of December. What does anyone have that is not too daft on price that would suit a beginner. Ah I am extremely left-eye dominant/left-eye strong and would prefer something with an ami/left-hand grip.
  11. There might be enough interest up here at Clachnacuddin to allow us reestablish "air" of some sort. But ... we have only one non-springer rifle (and that is a pump action probably made with wood taken from the ark) and the only pistol we have eats fingers while cocking it. Does anybody/any club have any air equipment we could beg, borrow or steal (or even buy )? Even a loan of kit for a month or two (stuff that might be festering in the corner of your club) could be enuf to see if people are serious about re-establishing the discipline. The trouble? We have lots of lefties! Oh dear, does this not sound like a wanted ad of about 50 years ago from "Melody Maker" (for those of you old enough to remember).
  12. Jamie, As the club is dissolving you may want to look at your constitution. You could find that you have one or more clauses instructing the club officers what they have to do in such an instance. Many of the wee groups I am involved with say something like (I paraphrase): ".. sell assets to clear debt then donate/transfer remaining ones to institution/institutions with the same objectives". The NSRA sample constitution certainly has a "boiler plate" like that. It would be better not to go ultra vires.
  13. Our club is not well off for lighter-weight rifles, as a result our juniors and new-starts suffer. I am sure clach would be very interested in anything at the smaller/lighter end of the scale. What sort of time-frame are you on? Is this a permanent sale, or are you looking for "long term loan" should the club reform?
  14. can you check your bt email please?
  15. 10.9, your mailbox is not taking any more messages!
  16. is this beastie still for sale? I will buy
  17. Thanks for the photos. Consider it sold. Cheque or paypal or what - Scottish £3 notes? I'll PM you.
  18. jonmalone

    Selling Up

    Some of last years new-starts in the club are trying to equip themsleves with kit. Not all/ perhaps that is none are on Stirton. I set up 1 sale yesterday, so have two other warm buyers. I *expect* at least one other would buy the rifle if I can describe it to him. Any chance of a photo to pass on? Is that an 1813 thumbhole stock, or is it an 1813 butt-hook on some other stock, what about sights? I'll phone later.
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