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  1. David - I was in a personal gallery where I didn't think there was a limit.
  2. Just what it says in the title. Get to the screen with the circle and big plus sign in it to click on and nothing happens!
  3. Do any of your members ever get out to shoot elsewhere like Garker for the Cornish County open competitions at St Austell or there are Open meetings at Budleigh Farm in Devon for 50m and 100 yards shooting and even the Bisley meetings? If you and your club were more known about that would encourage more support when disasters like this happen. Your club does not appear on the list of NSRA affiliated clubs!
  4. Never heard of a grunting stork before but it must be good!
  5. RobertBeard

    Gun Chest

    It would be good to.see some pics. I've never heard or ever seen one and Google is no help!
  6. An excellent stock if you can't get on with these new fangled aluminium or carbon fibre articles! That stock would look a treat if given a bit of TLC with wet and dry sandpaper, fine wire wool and some coats of polyurethane varnish or even turning it into an oiled stock finish.
  7. Roger Have you checked your "personal settings", "notification settings" and quite a way down the list there is a section on personal messages and you need to be sure that the boxes for emails are ticked! Never ever had a problem myself! Apologies if you have got it all set up right however! Robert
  8. To anyone advertising frames in future it might be worth mentioning whether they are for pistol or rifle just in case the buyer doesn't know the seller etc!
  9. I always suggest that it would worth trying Bruce Harvey at Budleigh Farm Target Shooting Centre as his late father had drawers full of Anschutz parts from a lifetime of being an Anschutz dealer, international shooter and Army biathlon team coach. http://www.budleighfarm.co.uk/contactus.html
  10. You two must have been shooting near Mike Taylor and Debbie Mackie from my club! I was no 2023. Got promoted back to A at last!
  11. Surrey Guns used to sell them if you can't find one secondhand.
  12. The link given brings up a forbidden page! Tim I expect that the jacket will be 46 centimetres!
  13. I quite often see posts where someone is looking for older Anschutz spare parts. I would always suggest that a phone call to Arthur Harvey at Budleigh Farm would be worth the effort. He has been at Budleigh Farm for about 30 years and an Anschutz dealer for that time although I would say that he is more likely to be able to help with wooden stocks than aluminium. He used to be a regular visitor to the factory at Ulm selecting rifles, barrels and parts and Dieter Anschutz is a personal friend. His workshop is a bit like Fultons with loads of bits and pieces so if you are stuck for something give him a call. http://www.BudleighFarm.co.uk
  14. Nick That's great - see you at Bisley! I'm in an AutoTrail motorhome, don't know where yet but might be military field or near Stewards Opticians. Robert
  15. Hammershark is spoken for to AndyP subject to completion of the deal. Jonty has chosen the trigger blade.
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