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  1. thesquiff

    Strange Logon Problem

    Login problems at work finally resolved following forum upgrade. Thanks Neil :-)
  2. thesquiff

    Fwb Butt Plate Bit

  3. thesquiff

    Strange Logon Problem

    No, nothing fancy installed. Just the basic windows firewall and whatever hardware firewall the company has. I have little control over the connection unfortunately. Could well be a proxy problem. Will try a different machine on the same network on Monday and see if the same thing occurs... Thanks
  4. thesquiff

    S/h Rifle Websites

    Also worth giving Clarkes in Blackwater a call- they often have a few in. Contact details here: http://www.aeclarke.co.uk/
  5. thesquiff

    .308 / 7.62mm Target Rifle Wanted

    Try giving Norman Clark a call. Known and trusted by many. Not always the quickest of people but can often knock together something decent for a given budget. http://www.normanclark.com/
  6. thesquiff

    .308 / 7.62mm Target Rifle Wanted

    You could try posting a notice on the board on the side of the range office. Imperial kicks off next week and about 1300 fullbore types will be swarming Bisley camp.
  7. thesquiff

    Fwb Cleaning Rod Guide

    PM sent :-)
  8. thesquiff


    Happens with Firefox under Windows too. Version
  9. thesquiff

    Logging On Problem

    Sounds like PayPal's server was having trouble providing the donation button on that occaision. I've not noticed any problems in the large number of machines I use.
  10. thesquiff

    Scope Stands

    Looking for sturdy scope stands. Perferably the jubilee clip type - not had a huge amount of favour with the camera mount types. If there are any spares gathering dust anywhere I would be delighted to negotiate a fair price.
  11. thesquiff

    Wanted: Good .22 Rifle

    Am interested to hear from people who may have a decent .22 rifle for sale. Preferably looking for a 1913 barrel or better with little wear. Decent butt hook would be a bonus too. Looking to buy quickly - either PM me or email charlie@asqcomputing.co.uk with any details.
  12. thesquiff

    Shooting Glasses

    still looking...
  13. thesquiff

    Shooting Glasses

    Was experimenting with blue-tacking glasses to my nose yesterday - and hooray I could see the target. Optician reckons my eyes aren't best suited to contact lenses so am on the lookout for some shooting frames if any kind soul out there has some for sale...
  14. thesquiff

    Wanted: Good .22 Rifle

    Now after another good .22 rifle, but this time for the club. As before - looking to buy quickly. Heavy barrel and decent butt hook preferred. Any offers?
  15. thesquiff

    Extension Tube For 1907

    I think it was Batty who mentioned that I might try an extension tube to help correct long sightedness, so I'm going to give it a go! I tried one I borrowed from Jimbo but it didn't fit my barrel, so I'm after one that is known to fit a 1907 barrel. All offers considered.
  16. thesquiff

    Rpa Quadlite .308 In Hps Gemini Stock

    13th November at our range. I think the other one may need to be rearranged. We may be up at Bisley again in a few weeks.
  17. thesquiff

    Rpa Quadlite .308 In Hps Gemini Stock

    Matt, is this still available? I have someone who may be interested. Slightly more than he originally wanted to spend but he definitely sounded interested.
  18. thesquiff

    New Post Markers

    Well done Clive, you seem to be on to something there. Logged out and problem seems to have gone. :-)
  19. thesquiff

    New Post Markers

    Sorry Neil, doesn't seem to have worked. XP SP2, Firefox Deleted all cookies.
  20. thesquiff

    New Post Markers

    Does seem a little strange. Posts I've read are marked as unread and posts I haven't read are supposedly marked as read? That and everything since 18th October is a new post?! As a bit of a techie I've been racking me brains a bit, but I have to admit I'm slightly clueless. Have cleared all cookies, authenticated sessions, history, everything else and still the problem prevails wherever I access the forum. Must be something to do with the database? Any ideas Neil?
  21. thesquiff

    New Post Markers

    No its not just you David, me too. Also tried deleting cookies earlier today, but it still reckons posts I read about 5 days ago are new ones.
  22. thesquiff


    Does this forum support RSS feeds? I'd quite like to be able to set up feeds from the board in my Firefox toolbar alongside BBC News and the like.
  23. thesquiff


    Ah I thought it must be something like that. Ah well, I do a pretty good job of lurking when I'm at my desk anyway.
  24. thesquiff

    25,000 Posts!

    [Fireworks] Oooooh, ahhhhhh! Boom! [/Fireworks]
  25. thesquiff

    Anschutz Glove

    I think 99p is quite reasonable! I did originally buy it in the NSRA at some ripoff price. Stupid me. As I said though, the only reason for listing it here is on the vague chance someone might know a casual club shooter who might be interested.