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  1. App released :) now for the weekend.

  2. Currently working on the Rapid Fire Pistol App

  3. App finally released, lets hope no more updates to the rules.

  4. Updating Shooting Final App to ISSF new rules

  5. SteveR

    Viewing On An iPhone

    Great find, and much faster than using the browser. Thanks, Steve
  6. Thanks David, as suggested I've ordered one from Harry.
  7. I'm looking for a 4.5mm front sight for the Steyr LP10/5. Thanks, Steve.
  8. SteveR

    View New Posts

    When the board was upgraded I had to "Mark board as Read" -- bottom of the screen, otherwise it showed all posts as new content. Since I did that, the View New Content works ok for me. Steve.
  9. Yes works fine for me now Neil. Thanks, Steve.
  10. Is it ok for 'ordinary' people to enter in competition dates onto the calendar ? - or is it limited to the event organisers ? Its just that its the first place I check for up and coming events, and there are few events not yet listed. Steve.
  11. And over 30,000 quality posts too!
  12. Is it true that the 1,000 member gets a signed photograph from Neil ?
  13. SteveR


    Yep, all fixed Thanks, Steve.
  14. SteveR


    Not sure if its just me, but when I click on profile I now get the following at the top of the page: ���Mac OS X ���� ���2��°�����â������������������������������������ATTR¡zì��â���˜���*���� (Using Firefox and Linux) Seems to only started doing this since the upgrade. Steve.
  15. What can I say, if a buttons there I'll try pressing it Steve 'Now using IPB Default'
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