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  1. Guy

    Reloading equipment

    Don't buy a progressive press if you're new to reloading; they're difficult to set up and can be temperamental. Buy a single stage kit (I too started with the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master kit) and learn about the process. Your initial forays into handloading are about learning to perform each step correctly to create safe ammunition, not cranking out hundreds of rounds on a progressive press.
  2. Thank you for the pictures, very kind. I don't think it's quite what I'm looking for though.
  3. Potentially interested. Could you let me know the serial number by PM so I can look it up? Any photos?
  4. Guy

    TIkka T3 .308 Rifle

    Joseph, I've texted Dom to let him know you're interested, wait out 👍🙂
  5. Wanted - 308 (.480") or magnum (.545") bolt face repeater bolt actions for custom rifle project. Long action preferred but all considered. Do you have a bolt action rifle with a shot out barrel? Fancy something new? Drop me a line and let's sort something out.
  6. Guy

    Match 54 Stock

    Pretty much what I'm after!
  7. Guy

    Match 54 Stock

    I can wait
  8. Guy

    Match 54 Stock

    Seeking stock suitable for Match 54 action. All possibilities considered.
  9. With sights? If you don't mind, why are you selling?
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