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    10m air pistol pcp wanted

    On the lookout for a pcp target pistol. What's out there?
  2. rossdook

    10m air pistol pcp wanted

    Nice to see someone close at hand! Just looking for a single shot tbh. How’s the ap scene up there just now? And the ar?
  3. rossdook

    10m air pistol pcp wanted

    I suppose the honest answer is as good a pistol as I can manage while hoping to keep it to three figures?
  4. rossdook

    10mtr Match Rifle

    I have sent you a message
  5. rossdook

    Fas Ap 604 R/h Grip Wanted

    Currently in my first season with a borrowed FAS AP 604 pistol which only has what I think is a medium grip. Ideally looking for a large R/H grip to fit it, or better still the FAS 6004 pistol has a grip with an adjustable shelf on it - I'd love one of those (if it actually fits the 604 model). Any help in locating one would be much appreciated! Many thanks