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  1. Peter C

    Pistol grip paste required

    Try Milliput, I used to use this with good results.
  2. Peter C

    Sightron SII 36x42 BRD

    Scope above wanted in good condition.
  3. Peter C

    Items for sale

    Yes please to the Torque wrench. PM on way.
  4. Peter C

    Weaver T 36

    Anyone got a T-Series 36x 40 AO Matte FCH & Dot in good condition they wish to sell? Need one for bench rest shooting. Please PM if you have. Thanks.
  5. Peter C

    Greenkat spotting scope 22x 60

    You have PM
  6. Peter C

    magnified .22 scoring gauge

    All sorted. Thanks Dave.
  7. Peter C

    magnified .22 scoring gauge

    Still required.
  8. Peter C

    magnified .22 scoring gauge

    Looking for the above let me know if you can help please.