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  1. G&E RSIII Revolution stock from my Anschutz 1913, hardly used and not a mark on it. No buttplate included but still a bargain at £1750 plus postage. Photos available on request, but too big for site.
  2. Noeeclark

    Looking For Anschutz Precise Or 1913 Barrelled Action

    Hi, I have a 1913 barrelled action if you are still looking let me know if interested Noee
  3. Noeeclark

    System gemini Aktiv Hook

    Hi, If you are still looking for a Gemini Buttplate I have a spare. How much ar you looking to spend? Please send me a PM if interested Regards Noee
  4. Noeeclark

    8mm Match 54 Foresight block

    Hi Tim, I have a spare block and probably the screws. £10.00 plus £2.00 post in UK. Regards Noee
  5. Noeeclark

    Wanted Walther KK200 90's type Buttplate & KK300 grip

    Hi Robin, i have got a spare buttplate off my original 1997 KK200. What bits do you need, is it just the buttplate or do you need the round central bar and 2 pins for length adjustment. Regards Noee
  6. Noeeclark

    Butt hook assembly for an 1813 stock.

    Hi, I have a complete buttplate assembly for 1813. drop me a PM and I will send a photo. price will depend on what you need. Regards Noee
  7. Noeeclark

    Long Shot, but anyone selling a Walther LG400

    Hi Rhys, I have got a new LG400 with aluminium stock, complete with sights & box et, but is going to cost over £2k. Please send me a PM if of intrest. Regards Noee
  8. Noeeclark

    Walther Spares...!

    Hi Chris, I have a whole range of spares for anatomic including cheekpiece pins and raiser blocks. Regards Nick
  9. Noeeclark

    Left Hander Needs His First Gun

    Hi, I have a Walther LH KK300 (aluminium stock) as new complete with sights, buttplate and carry case. 5000 rounds from new, £1800.00. Please message me for photos.
  10. Noeeclark

    Left Hand 22 Target Rifle

    Hi I have a left handed Walther KK300 (as new) with only 5000 rounds fired from new, complete with sights, buttplate and carry case. Please message me for price and photos.
  11. Noeeclark

    Left Handed Anschutz.22 1907 Or Similar Wanted

    Let me know if you may be interested in a left hand Walther KK300, complete and only 5000 rds from new.
  12. Noeeclark

    Anschutz 1607 For Sale

    HI, do you still have your 1607 available as I am interested if you would take an offer.