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  1. is kk500 buttplatre still available?
  2. I am looking for a rubber buttplate if anyone has one lying around that they are looking to sell (generally used on the 1907 wooden stock). Also the metal carrier for an Anschutz 4760 buttplate (the black metal plate with the 2 metal rods and a screw threaded bar to adjust buttplate length).
  3. If you could send me a photo and some of the principal measurements I can see if I have one that will fit as I have 3 or 4 from match 54's
  4. Hi, I have a Match 54 complete with sights in Wiltshire £300.00 if interested.
  5. Hi, I have a late KK200 with glued stainless barrel and alloy stock and some of the other items you are looking for. Can arrange for you to try at Chippenham if of interest.
  6. Noeeclark

    Club kit needed

    Hi, I have a couple of smaller size double canvas jackets 32" & 34" as new, let me know if of interest. £40.00 each plus postage
  7. G&E RSIII Revolution stock from my Anschutz 1913, hardly used and not a mark on it. No buttplate included but still a bargain at £1750 plus postage. Photos available on request, but too big for site.
  8. Hi, I have a 1913 barrelled action if you are still looking let me know if interested Noee
  9. Hi, If you are still looking for a Gemini Buttplate I have a spare. How much ar you looking to spend? Please send me a PM if interested Regards Noee
  10. Hi Tim, I have a spare block and probably the screws. £10.00 plus £2.00 post in UK. Regards Noee
  11. Hi Robin, i have got a spare buttplate off my original 1997 KK200. What bits do you need, is it just the buttplate or do you need the round central bar and 2 pins for length adjustment. Regards Noee
  12. Hi, I have a complete buttplate assembly for 1813. drop me a PM and I will send a photo. price will depend on what you need. Regards Noee
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