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  1. Now surplus to my needs. A Centra Duplex with brand new 3.8mm and 3.9mm inserts - £99 inc P&P "The Centra Duplex is a new innovation designed to attach to the front of a rearsight unit and provide a significant improvement of aiming accuracy. This unit allows either a ring (see the Duplex Insert product) or iris (see the Duplex Iris product) to be added into the sight picture, providing feedback to the shooter as to how centrally they are looking through the rearsight. This additional cue will lead to a more consistent head position. Adjustments are provided to centre the ring in the rearsight aperture. It is compatible with the Centra 'Spy' rearsight, and in combination with the Lens Hood II product it can be fitted to many other rearsights, including the MEC Free Sight, the Centra 10-50 Rearsight, Feinwerkbau, Hammerli and most Anschutz rearsights. Please note that this cannot be used in conjuction with the Anschutz 6805 Rearsight."
  2. That was quick. SOLD
  3. Of interest to Lightweight Sporting Rifle shooters... I have a Ruger 10/22 Bull Barrel for sale after an upgrade. Its about 19" overall in length. .920" in diameter. Its a 2000/2001 manufacture. In good condition, clean bore and crown. Used indoors for target shooting. £50 Based Hampshire.
  4. dda1000

    Club rifle wanted

    Thanks James PM sent
  5. dda1000

    Club rifle wanted

    Hello Forum, Alton (Hants) Rifle Club are looking for a reasonably priced, good condition Anschutz Match 54 (or similar) to add to our club equipment. We have seen a rise in probation shooters in recent months and don't have quite enough rifles to go round. If you have a 1970's or 1980's Anschutz for sale then we would love to hear from you. Many thanks Mike
  6. dda1000

    Please see list

    Hi Peter, If the Gehmann rear sight iris and Kurt Then mat are still available, I'd love to buy these for our club. Best Mike
  7. dda1000

    2x Centra Duplex

    Hi, are these the 3.4-4.4 suitable for the Spy rear sight?
  8. An update: the Kidd barrel was purchased and fitted in 2017 and the Kidd trigger was fitted in 2016. The only original parts are the receiver and bolt. Thanks
  9. Hi, I’ve decided to sell my much customised Ruger 10/22. I’ve had it about 4 years and replaced the original target barrel with a Kidd 16.5” match barrel and a Kidd 2 stage trigger. The original Ruger stock was too small for me, so that got changed for a Boyd Silhouette Stock in Grey Laminate. The bolt has a Volquartsen extractor fitted. In fact only the receiver and bolt are original Ruger parts. Its in very good condition and comes complete with a Nikon 3-9x40 EFR telescopic sight, 4 x 10 round magazines and 1x 25 round banana magazine and a soft zipped case. Rifle has only been used for indoor target shooting (lightweight sporting rifle) and is very accurate for this type of rifle. Cycles easily on RWS, but loves Eley Edge best. Never used CCI stinger or any hot loaded 22LR ammo as Kidd do not recommend using such rounds. Rifle is in Hampshire. Can arrange test shooting at our club. Pictures to follow. £950 PRICE REDUCED
  10. Dear all, A new member at our club is looking for a FWB 2700 (right handed) at a reasonable price. Please contact me, if you have one for sale. Many thanks Mike Wood Alton Rifle Club
  11. Hi, I'll take one for my Match 54 and we could do with a couple for the club Anshutz's too - a 1813 and a 1903 Cheers, Mike (I'll see you at the club soon)
  12. Hi, we’d like to buy your rifle. I will PM you
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