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  1. Hi, I have one availible shortly when I change out stock on mine for a new aluminium stock. its in reasonable condition and I would let it go for £100. Pictures could be availible in a weeks time when I get access to the rifle again. Moriniman
  2. LP50 electronic, New in 2011 comes with 2 X 5shot blocks 1 single shot block and 1 dryfire block. Two cylinders with 1+ plus to service life. Pistol has been used as a trainer for other pistol disciplines and trigeer is presently set at 900 grams and palm shelf is removed at present Clubmates gun and looking for £1000.
  3. They have value in the actions used a lot in States for Varmit calibres
  4. LP50 sold this afternoon so no problem. Air scene in Shetland is zero as far as club activity is concerned as the club close a couple of years ago. Moriniman.
  5. I have a Steyr LP50 compact with Peli case . New in 2008 comes with new cylinder £1000 little used of late and location is Shetland. Do you have necessary AWC ?PM me for reply with pics
  6. What kind of price range are you looking at?and do you have any model and make in mind.
  7. If you have a charge adaptor then release air with that.
  8. Looking for LP10 or Morini162 compact with r/hand small grip if possible .Willing to go with electronic trigger on either model. Moriniman
  9. SCATT MX-02 for sale £1000 pm for further info
  10. I have one which I may part with if the offer is right. PM me if you want to discuss it
  11. moriniman

    Scatt Wanted

    What do you consider reasonable for a scant MX-02, I have one I may consider letting go to a deserving home.
  12. Ruger trigger group Sold Centra rear sight Reserved Corami shoes. Sold.
  13. Post retirement clear out , Centra Long range rear sight weaver mount never used £150 Comes with Centra foresight element and mounting with variable height post £80 Sauer Pistol shooters shoes £25 size 43 Corami Pistol shooters shoes £45 size 43 little used comes with inserts Ruger 10/22 trigger group with Volquartsen trigger kit £100..
  14. For all those who expressed an interest in the LP2 short price £700 comes with small R/H grip and L/H Ss grip one cylinder shown with gun and cylinder and gun 2008 manufacture. I will put another cylinder to package and buyer will pay postage. Moriniman
  15. For all those who expressed interest in the Morini162EI short price £800 comes with two cylinders one 12/08 and one 03/08. Also comes with twin weight arm plus some weights the right hand grip is a medium and the left hand one is small with trigger board on the grip. Asking price is £800 for all the items. Postage will be met by buyer. Moriniman
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