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  1. Rupert

    Dillon 650 XL

    I have a Dillon 650 XL in need of some TLC. It has a slightly damaged .308 plate and is missing a retaining pin for the die block but is otherwise perfectly functional. I have had no problem resizing and priming thousands of cases on it for my club and the required components are easily acquired from Dillon. May even get them for free as their customer service is fantastic! Moving house and will not be able to take it with me. Looking to either sell it to an individual/club seeking a Dillon or give it to a university club for a nominal price. In the case of an individual, please send me an offer. For university clubs, let me know your circumstances and we can have a chat. PM me if interested with any offers or relevant circumstances. Is as seen in photos (including the large transformer for the case spinning thing on top). For collection only - not far from Bisley.
  2. Rupert

    Vihtavuori N150

    Sold pending transaction.
  3. Rupert

    Vihtavuori N150

    I have a sealed tub of Vihtavuori N150 that has been stored in a cool dry location. Happy to sell for £70. Due to the nature of the item it is probably only possible to meet face to face. Currently the tub is near Bisley.
  4. Selling two 18mm adjustable front irises. 1. Gehmann adjustable front iris. 18mm, level bar adjustable 4.0-6.0, model number 520B. Used but perfectly functional. Comes in Gehmann box with C spanner for fitting. £60 including postage or can do less if able to collect in person - probably from Bisley. 2. Also have an Centra front iris with slight bit of damage on the ring. Likely fixable by anyone who knows how the things work. Also in box (showing signs of age). Adjustable 4.0-6.0. Happy to discuss its condition, send photos or show in person. £35. Also can do cheaper in person. Cheers!
  5. Hey all I'm looking for two old Anschutz supermatch stocks for a club and personal project. Condition is not much of an issue so long as it is not cracked; happy to spend the time sanding/varnishing. Adjustable cheek-piece would be ideal. Does anyone have one lying around they have no use for anymore? I've attached a picture of a complete rifle in decent condition. Stocks like the one shown would be brilliant.
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