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Webley Osprey

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I've a Webley Osprey and I'm wondering on the value ? It's in need of some love as it could do with being re blued although the stock is virtually perfect. Any suggestions on what to ask for it ?

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Ive taken pictures but dont know how to add them

You need to resize your photos to something like 800x600 or 1280x1024 pixels using a tool such as the free graphics tool IrfanView (on a PC as a Windows example).


Adding them, you need to upload them into your forum post (easiest from a desktop computer) via the Attach Files button - you can add a number this way, then once uploaded, place the cursor somewhere in your edit, and press the Attach File button and it will add a link into your post to the uploaded photo at the cursor position.


HTH - the resizing is the important bit.


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