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  1. looepete

    Haering EL3 Target Runner

    Please send pictures to peter.ivey@hotmail.co.uk
  2. looepete

    Barry Nesom Extension Tubes (6 and 12 inch)

    What size barrel and make of gun are they for
  3. looepete


    Where are they to please
  4. looepete

    .22 rifle for sale.

    Have you any pictures and what’s you location
  5. looepete

    BSA Martini Internationals x 2

    Any chance also of pictures of both rifles peter.ivey@hotmail.co.uk Thanks
  6. looepete

    Arson At Cornish Rifle Range

    Its on the ctsa website
  7. looepete

    Arson At Cornish Rifle Range

    The clubhouse is built of wood and the max payment on wood will not cover the rebuild
  8. looepete

    Arson At Cornish Rifle Range

    I really dont know what section to enter this cry for help but we have recently had an arson attack at our range. The club house is completely burnt out and the insurance is not going to cover the rebuild. because of this im asking for money on a Just giving page to help us out. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/looe-rifle-and-pistol-club?utm_id=107&utm_term=VWyAmE2rQ Hope this is allowed on here and thanks in advance for any help given
  9. looepete

    Two Rifles For Sale

    I've pm you with an email address. I would like pics of both please
  10. looepete

    Two Rifles For Sale

    Could you please send my pictures. Many thanks
  11. looepete

    20Series Anschutz For Sale.

    What size is the tube for ?
  12. looepete

    Starik Carbon Tuner Tube Sold !

    If only it would fit My Anny
  13. looepete

    Anschutz Firing Pin Spring

    I'm after a early anschutz match 54 firing pin spring. The bolt is the early type with safety on the rear of the bolt, can anyone help please