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  1. I've got 500 Federal 209A shotshell primers for sale. £35 - collection only from near Mansfield.
  2. This was five years ago now to be fair! To be honest I’ve given up on the whole thing for now. I’m just keeping my shotguns.
  3. I tried that and they rang me up and said i needed to specify which one 🙂
  4. Just from my experience - and this may vary from Police force to Police force - you need to specify either .308 or 7.62 on your variation (Derbyshire demand this for example) - and if the rifle is a 7.62 and you have .308 on your ticket then most dealers won't sell it to you (and vice versa of course). Same with buying ammunition in my experience as well. Your experience may be different of course but that's what happens around here!
  5. Hi Paul, I’ll drop you a message about it in the morning.
  6. Rockhopper

    ESE Sling

    ESE synthetic sling for a right handed shooter (goes on left arm). Apparently it can be changed to suit the other arm as well Its got an Anschutz Push Release Sling Swivel as well. £20 - I'd prefer collection from near Mansfield but i might be able to post at cost if i can find something to put it in! Might take a few days!
  7. £30 - can't post this one so collection only from near Mansfield.
  8. HSF Roll Up Shooting Mat 52″. Only used at Thorpe Cloud a couple of times so in great condition. Collection only from near Mansfield. £15.
  9. Hi Rob, drop me a PM with details. I work from home but i do occasionally have to go out for site visits and so on 🙂
  10. Does anyone want to take this of off my hands for £50? Collection is preferred from near Mansfield. If i can find a box i may be able to ship for £12 extra. The gloves are all XL for the left hand (right handed shooter). The big tin of spray is not full! Oh and the tripod legs are spoken for
  11. This is the one I use https://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/TOJWMTWSV2/jobsworth-pro-torque-wrench-set the price bobs up and down, think I paid £22!
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