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  1. I've got a selection of shooting books for sale, i suspect that Ways Of The Rifle will be the popular one! All five books £50 plus £7 for shipping. Ways Of The Rifle on its own £30 plus £4.50 shipping The other books are £7 each plus shipping - i'll combine shipping of people want more than one book and let you know the cost as it depends on weight. They are all in okay condition, they are obviously not new but no pages are loose or missing. Collection is fine from near Chesterfield.
  2. Rockhopper


    Just be aware that FEO's are taking a very dim view of buying and selling of firearms at this time. Do the deal but don't transfer it over till restrictions are eased and speak to your FEO if in doubt.
  3. Opticron IS60R spotting scope with 40918S 18-54x eye piece and genuine Opticron cover. This has only ever been used with its cover on so its almost like new, Its never been rained on either. Lenses are unmarked. £150 plus delivery - Collect Plus is my only option at this time and that'll cost £8. SOLD Freeland Scope stand with lowering bracket (not shown) and cable adjuster for up and down movement whilst in prone position. £80 plus £8 Collect Plus delivery SOLD Gehmann 565 - 6 colour filters with twin polarizer and adjustable iris from .5mm to 3mm. Comes with its instructions and spanners. not boxed. £90 plus £5 Collect Plus delivery. SOLD Gehmann 520A M18 adjustable front iris - 2.4mm to 4.4mm with its spanner but not boxed £50 plus £5 collect Plus delivery SOLD Centra Level 11 M18 - boxed with spanner £40 plus £5 Collect plus delivery. SOLD I'm based near Chesterfield. payment by PayPal please. I'll combine shipping if multiple items are wanted.
  4. I'm willing to listen to offers if anyone is interested.
  5. I've shot this once since i bought it so it needs to go! Its based on a 1954 Lee Enfield action with an adjustable target site and adjustable cheek piece. 20 ton proof as well. It in 7.62 NATO but shoots .308 really well. The mag is a real 7.62 version. Its also got an Anschutz hand stop. I can RFD but my shop charges £50 all in. I'm Derbyshire based and I'll travel a bit to deliver or meet up. I'm looking for £200.
  6. Regrettably an impending house move means I've got to sell my lovely Walther KK500 It comes with its Walther hard case, tool kit and instructions etc. Its had around 4000 rounds through it (Eley Match,I bought it new). Its got an adjustable iris plus a bubble on the front and on the back its the supplied rear sight with an adjustable iris with polariser and colored filters. Its also got an eye blinder. The three stainless steel rods on the butt plate are the optional extra long ones but i have the originals as well which will be included as will the original front sight. It gets a deep clean every month or so and is pulled though with a dry patch after each range session. I'm looking for £3500 which is a huge saving on new as this probably owns me close to £5k with the extrta bits and bobs on it. I'm Derbyshire based and prepared to travel a reasonable distance for a face to face sale. I can RFD it but my local dealer charges £50 - i think thats for everything, shipping, paperwork etc.
  7. Maybe I’m not understanding the implications of incorrectly tightened bolts but I can’t see how it would cause flyers? I’d expect a consistent amount of poor shots not lots of good ones then occasional bad ones.
  8. And this is for a right handed shooter so worn on the left arm. Price drop to £40 delivered.
  9. Anschutz swing sling in good condition apart from the buckles which have tarnished a bit sadly. Still work fine though. £45 delivered.
  10. £4k would be very close to getting a new KK500 and if there are any used ones out there then they'd be sub £4k. The huge advantage is when (or if) you come to sell it it'd far easier as it can be either RH or LH. The market for LH rifles is quite limited. They are also cracking good rifles and come ready to shoot out of the box - sights, butt plate, hand stop etc are all included.
  11. How much money do you have to spend? If its lots then look at the Walther KK500 which can be changed from LH to RH for the just the cost of a new grip.
  12. I think it did originally have a price but its been edited to remove it.
  13. Its just a bit of tube with slots cut in it (or printed) - I doubt thats a unique enough idea for it to be able to be patented.
  14. I'm selling my Parker Hale T4 in 7.62x51 NATO. Its complete with hand stop, adjustable cheek piece and front and rear sights. I'll put some photos up when I get home tonight. I'm looking for £400 if there is any interest! Derbyshire based and face to face is preferred.
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