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  1. Rockhopper

    Complete setup for sale Anschutz 2007/2013 .22RF

    No way - whats happened Donald? I was chatting to one of our shooters who went to down to Bisley with the original owner of that rifle to batch test it. It was outshooting all of the other rifles that were being tested that day.
  2. Rockhopper

    Walther Spares...!

    East Midlands Regional Range now stock all the common Walther spares. The three rods for the butt plate are around £70 though!
  3. Rockhopper

    Anschutz 2007/2013 Stainless + G&e Stock

    Now sold :-)
  4. Rockhopper

    Anschutz 2007/2013 Stainless + G&e Stock

    Still for sale guys :-)
  5. Rockhopper

    Anschutz 2007/2013 Stainless + G&e Stock

    Anyone interested enough to make an offer? You might be surprised :-)
  6. Rockhopper

    Webley Osprey

    Much easier to upload them to photobucket or similar.
  7. Rockhopper

    Anschutz 2007/2013 Stainless + G&e Stock

    Anyone interested at £2500?
  8. I'm reluctantly having to sell my lovely Anschutz 2007/2013 .22RF rifle (stainless steel barrel) with a Grunig and Elmiger RSIII stock. I've bought a new KK500 and can't justify keeping both of them so sadly this one has to go. It's in excellent condition and was used by its previous owner (a retired GP) to get himself into X Class. Its got an Anschutz 7002 20 click rear sight, an Anschutz handstop and butt plate. It'll also come with a used but serviceable hard case which the rifle will fit into without needs to disassemble it. I've got the original instructions, allen key and a bore guide. Its always been cleaned thoroughly and at the very least pulled through before and after shooting. I'd prefer face to face if possible (I'm near Chesterfield) but I'd be prepared to travel a bit depending on where you are. Half way meetup might be possible. We could RFD but I'd have to look into costs and how it works as I've never done that before! I'm looking for £3000 ( or near offer) which is around half what it would cost to buy a similar rifle today.
  9. Rockhopper

    Anschutz Match 54

    Now sold.
  10. Rockhopper

    Anschutz Match 54

    I've got a very old Match 54 for sale, i think its one of the very early ones (rounded forend, single extractor), probably from around 1960. The barrel, action (single stage trigger) and bolt are in what I would describe as very good condition for their age, infact it shoots very nicely. The stock however is cracked around the wrist. I have glued it which has been fine for the past year but a good knock would open it up again. It really needs a new stock but its very usable as it is -you just need to be careful not to bash it too hard! It'll come with a fore sight but no rear sight. £150 ono face to face only (Derbyshire, Chesterfield, Staveley area) - i need it gone asap to free up a slot on my ticket! I'll put some photos up when I get home if anyone is interested. Paul.