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Server Upgrade

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Hello everyone,


We (Ikiji) are moving to a new datacentre with

improved response times and 24 hour technicians. The server move is planned

for later on today and will hopefully be seemless :D


Please keep a copy of any posts you make in Notepad/Wordpad just incase

you need to post them again if the new posts are not reflected on the new



Many thanks


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The server move went ahead smoothly in no time but the update to the

global DNS records will take 24 hours.


At the moment if you go to http://forum.stirton.com you will be taken to

the direct IP address - this is to try and prevent you posting on the old

server and then losing posts when the DNS (global domain name server)

records update.


When I'm convinced the records are updated it will appear as

http://forum.stirton.com again :D



I also hope you notice the speed increase :D

Faster server overall and less time to connect to it (almost half the time for me)

than the old server. :D :D :D

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Well the time has come for further improvements, we (Ikiji) are moving to

a UK based datacentre with some nice new servers.


The upgrade will be taking place this coming weekend and will mean a period

of time where some of you will be pointing at the old server and some

of you pointing at the new - obiously this can mean posts getting lost.


Hence once some of the details are confirmed and the forum is copied over

to the new server, I will redirect this copy (i.e. on the old server) to the

new one but you will see the IP address in the bar at the top instead of



Things will be even faster after the move, especially if you are UK based.


All I ask is that you bear with me this weekend and maybe try and keep the

posts to a minimum on Saturday.


Many thanks

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;forum.stirton.com. IN A



forum.stirton.com. 14400 IN A


you could always wind the TTL down from 14400 to say 900 (i5 minutes) temproarily, to give a nice fast turnaround at the weekend , put it back again when its all settled? ... thats what I normally do for server moves, limits the time of confusion and makes it quicker to put it right when/if it all explodes in a ball of flames :)

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We're migrating some of our older web servers to brand new Dell hardware. The new web servers will give our customers a noticeable improvement in performance and will continue to provide them with a dependable hosting platform.


This upgrade is to take place on Friday 12th November during the time window 23:00 – 00:00.


During this time we will power down the old server and bring up the new one, there will be approximately 15 minutes downtime for http (web pages) and therefore the forum wil be unavailable during this time.






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