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  1. 3 minutes ago, PeteJ said:

    Does it come with the .22 protection plate? 

    Mary, if you go for this, we can form the Surrey Meyton owners club, as we've just got one up and running for Lina.

    No, I bought it for Air primarily so didn't order the protection plate


    Easily made as part of the box you'll need for 50m, 3/4mm steel is recommended I think.


    Meyton's protection plate is much more convenient, but it's about 150 euros from memory

  2. I have decided to part with my Meyton electronic target. I bought it from Meyton it in March 2016. Unfortunately all my free time has been diverted from shooting to a very cute 8 month old daughter. C'est la vie.
    This is the ESTA kit, their top of the line system, and what is installed in their full blown range installs in Germany etc.
    Complete with EVERYTHING you need to shoot either 10m or 50m
    *The measurement frame
    *The control PC/monitor combined
    *The control key pad
    *All the cabling for 10m / 50m (CAT cabling, easily replaced if needed)
    *Light frame for Air which puts the correct light on the target
    *Printer (not even out of the box)
    *Bullet trap for Air
    *Stand for bullet trap (not sure how to post that yet, but I'm sure it can be done)
    *Targets for air and 50m
    It can be added to a gateway if you/your club have already got some of these systems, the gateway/cabling to do that is NOT included
    Literally plug in and away you go.
    If you want to use at 50m, you'll have to make a wooden box (with metal protection for the frame) and legs to install the measurement frame into, the bullet catcher is for AIR only (in case someone buys it and tries a .22 round into it!)
    Everything is functioning perfectly, and in as-new condition. It's only been used in the upstairs of my garage. Even an idiot could use this, you switch on, select discipline and fire. Updates to the software are available via a network port from Meyton support. Its only important to mention in case the ISSF change timings or target size in years to come.
    Will add a few photos later from home.

  3. The thinnest iris has a 1.2mm ring thickness and the thinnest high end glass element is 1.0mm (off the top of my head)


    There was a guy on ebay making custom sizes to order, not sure if he is still on there.


    I find 1.0mm leaves the ring very pale, amd I struggle with the contrast between the ring and the target. Everyone has different perception of course.