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  1. sjb1604

    New Skins

    Hee Hee, whoops another rib gone....... :glare:
  2. sjb1604

    New Skins

    What do you mean I can choose my own skin? This is proposterous! I need dictating to and have all my choices removed. Damn it, I don't live in a free world! Well done Bob - spoken like a true Micro$oft programmer! Bill Gates for ever I hope you realise that was meant to be funny!
  3. sjb1604

    Photo Gallery

    Oh no - more embarrassing pictures of Neil....
  4. sjb1604

    Bsa Mk Ii And Mk Iii Surplus

    Our club has a surplus of BSA Mk II and MK III (Five in total). All are in good condition - all the owners moved up to Anchutz and they were gifted to the club. If anyone is interested please PM me as these will be scrapped after 2 weeks. (Location is Central Scotland.) Simon
  5. sjb1604

    Bsa Mk Ii And Mk Iii Surplus

    To be honest they were handed in to the Police to be destroyed before I had a chance to sell them.
  6. sjb1604

    Bsa Mk Ii And Mk Iii Surplus

    Sorry to all interested but all have now gone! Simon
  7. sjb1604

    T'internet Connection

    Neither - it's a dinosaur isn't it?
  8. sjb1604

    0.22" Scoring Gauge

    Gehmann make them in a range of types - including graduated. Or find your friendly model engineer and armed with the pages from NSRA Handbook ask him to make some. We are lucky that we have such a member in the club - he did so after he was suspicious about the guage that we had bought yonks ago from the NSRA. The bought gauage was not concentric so if you were scoring and didn't like the result you could rotate it until it was in! . (it was only out about by 2 thousands of an inch but he's a perfectionist!)
  9. sjb1604

    Dicounted Fuel!!

    The whole idea reminds me of having as much chance as a round icy ball in the warmest place in the universe............ What a waste of space in the forum!
  10. sjb1604

    Rear Sight Wanted

    Still looking for one - found some on the net but after receiving one from the dealer the iris was missing....
  11. sjb1604

    Rear Sight Wanted

    I'm after a Gehmann 594 See Though rear sight. It's the older "panoramic" one. Has anyone out there got one that's surplus to requirements? (To fit an Anschutz 1814). I don't fancy the huge half brick of their new one Ta Simon
  12. sjb1604

    Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    The real reason is that all new steel includes a percentage of scrap steel therefore there is no pure new steel being produced. Its harder to quality control when you don't know whats going in. Some of the additives in steel making to change properties are as low as 1 lb per ton of steel.
  13. sjb1604

    Wanted: Walther Off Set Sights

    Gehmann also make offset sights and prisms that you can add to make your normal sights offset. I always feel that offset sights look very fragile and easily damaged if the rifle gets knocked. Simon
  14. sjb1604

    Remember The Days Of The Spectrum

    Flat bed plotters - glad those disappeared
  15. sjb1604

    Internet Explorer Exploit

    I know its not a real trojan but decent heuristics catch it all the same as you can see from the screen capture! I ditched Norton ages ago as it kept missing things even with the latest updates (my company did the same thing long before I did and switched to McAfee - they even managed to block all the last lot of worms!)
  16. sjb1604

    Internet Explorer Exploit

    A properly updated virus scanner should also detect it as a trojan - mine does (McAfee 4.5.1 - kept up to date weekly)
  17. sjb1604

    Ebay Auction Items

    The main component of any firearm is the action not the barrel. The only thing that is stamped on the barrel is the proof mark (which must be there if you are to sell or transfer a firearm). If the number was on the barrel then you could not rebarrel your rifle!
  18. sjb1604

    Server Upgrade

    Neil, Much quicker even through our slow and clunky firewall at work Simon
  19. sjb1604

    New Software - IPB

    Neil, The highlighted topics at the forum list page do not change after all the threads have been read. No - I am not using the back button on IE. Simon
  20. sjb1604

    New Software - IPB

    If you click the link to mark all messages read - the highlights are cleared but not if you read all the threads!
  21. sjb1604

    Dimensions for Headspace Gauges

    Do what one of our members did (he's a model engineer!). He simply measured a .22 round case and then made ones with differing rim thicknesses!
  22. sjb1604

    Scoring gauge gauge

    Try finding and using a micrometer - the correct dimenstions of the gauges are set out in the NSRA Handbook. Taking it to extremes - you need a calibrated gauge tester tester :roll: to check the dimensions of the gauge tester!!!!