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  2. LeeRoussel

    Feinwerkbau Rearsight

    I am selling off my additional Fienwerkbau parts and one of the last things I have left is this Rearsight. I will be at the British 50m in June so can bring it with me or if you would like it posted I can do but it would be about £5 extra £100 ono I dont always get message notifications on here so if you could email me at Lee[at]Roussel.me.uk i pick those emails up throughout the day. Cheers, Lee
  3. LeeRoussel

    Tec-Hro Fusion Butt Plate

    I am selling a brand new Tec-Hro Fusion Butt Plate, it was surplus after I decided to keep my Anschutz one for Prone. http://tec-hro.de/schiesssport/en/butt-plate/278-buttplate-butt-plate-butt-plate-tec-hro-fusion.html £150
  4. LeeRoussel

    Feinwerkbau 800X

  5. LeeRoussel

    Megalink 4K187

    Sold Pending Payment
  6. LeeRoussel

    Feinwerkbau 800X

    Hi All, As I am no longer shooting Air Rifle I have decided to sell my 800X (RH Med Grip) on so someone can get the use of it rather than it sitting doing very little!! I will get Pictures and upload them either later tonight or tomorrow but its is Excellent condition and has got the original case with it too. Price £1,600 As i dont seem to get notifications for messages on here please could you reply to this and also email me Lee[at]Roussel.me.uk if interested. Thanks, Lee
  7. LeeRoussel

    Megalink 4K187

    Hi All, As I am no longer shooting Air Rifle and its not feasible to use it over here for Smallbore I am regrettably selling my MegaLink Target. it is this model that is available from Edinkillie http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/megalink-4k187-electronic-target-p-569.html?cPath=42&osCsid=dhncj5pfj3nf3d23ccbovm8jq1 It has the LED Faceplate and also rather than having the screen I have got the USB adapter so you can connect it up to a Laptop via USB which for home training is better than the Screen IMO as you can print off your results easily and it also keeps a record of your training in the software. £1,250 Plus Postage (From Guernsey so would be about £50 I think) I dont always get notifications from messages on here so if you could reply on here and email me Lee[at]Roussel.me.uk Regards, Lee
  8. LeeRoussel

    **sold** System Gemini Palm Shelf

    I am selling off some old kit and figured this can go as i no longer use it. £50 plus postage (should be about £8) More bits to follow....
  9. If you still need the boot clamps I have a set that I'll happily sell.. Lee
  10. LeeRoussel

    Feinwerkbau 2700

    I've now got all the bits for my new rifle so my old one has got to go. I have sold the variable foresight and the butt plate carrier (pending pm reply) Andy do you still need the blocks? So everything else on the list is up for grabs. I also now have 3 x FWB bases for the Vario Duo foresight as I've converted mine to Anschutz bases. These are £8 each. I am also dropping the price of the rifle to £1450 Lee
  11. LeeRoussel

    Rifle Case

    Sian has got one for sale.. Look in her Post on the 'For Sale' section
  12. LeeRoussel

    Feinwerkbau 2700

    Going to give it until 7th August and if theres been no interest in buying as a whole i will start to sell the seperate bits off individually. So far I have takers for the Raiser Blocks (AndyP has 1st refusal) and also the Carrier (The Alchemist has 1st refusal) I may also have a Tec Hro Fusion Butt Plate but i have got to see if i still have the rail for it, when i know i will do a new post with pics and price. Thanks, Lee
  13. LeeRoussel

    Feinwerkbau 2700

  14. LeeRoussel

    Wanted Centra 22Mm External Bubble

    Ive got one Gary.. I will look for it tonight (might be Gehman though)
  15. LeeRoussel

    Feinwerkbau 2700

    Hi All, I am going to be selling my FWB2700 as soon as my new rifle arrives which will be (hopefully) the end of this month. Its the Black and Silver model with the 24mm Barrel (Medium Grip), I have got the original handstop, palm shelf and buttplate that I will be selling with it. I have many other bits that I will also be selling but if someone was to want to buy it all as one package a price can be arranged Price for the Original Rifle and accesories £1650 Optional Bits 1 x Additional Buttplate carrier - £50 1 x Tec Hro System 2.0 Raising Blocks - £25 1 x Additonal Rearsight - £80 1 x Bolt Holder - £15 1 x Cleaning Rod guide - £10 1 x Centra Variable Foresight Glass Element (Not sure on size, will have to look) -£40 I am in Guernsey so a Import certificate will be need to be obtained for a Dealer to Dealer transfer. I will get some pictures over the weekend, or if you're going to be at the Welsh 50m Championships i will have it there (its the last comp that i will be using it at) Any questions please just ask. Cheers, Lee