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  1. One of our club shooters has a left handed, I’ll give him a nudge
  2. For your consideration. 1913 barrel and action. Stainless barrel an anschutz original. i bought this a few years at second hand as a spare. However, as I purchased a breaker it is no longer required. not sure of round count but it tested okay at ELEY when I was there last. i will include 1000 selected tenex and I'm looking for a fairly firm £500 test results and photos on request.
  3. Gemini stock gone. Though I do have a bleiker stick for sale at 400 ish. Wooden bleiker stock... Mmmmmm Would give a complete rifle at cheap money.. Sorry for hijacking this.
  4. meltoc

    Gemini Fr703

    Right Above stock for sale includes Gemini buttplate. Grey in colour - good condition. Currently houses my bleiker action. What say £1250 I'm going in another direction
  5. Sorry grunting stock now sold
  6. meltoc


    I have sent you a pm
  7. yes.. The bleiker someone is to have first refusal tomorrow, if he does not buy i will update here
  8. forgot to add no buttplate - but there is the carrier and plastic buttpad.
  9. Bought these earlier this year and have only used them the once. Handband secures lens, this model also has the nose bridge. as new condition. £110 posted. again photos on request
  10. Will take Beretta 1301 comp as direct swap. going a different direction. Mostly left..
  11. as title This is one of the older ones blue aluminium stock - the one with the pink and yellow rubber "bits" Takes anschutz square action. Pictures on request.. £900
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