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  1. Hi Martin I am so sorry, but I forgot to mark this as sold. Regards, Neil
  2. I appreciate that this is not an item that would under normal circumstances be used in smallbore shooting; but I thought I would post it in case anyone involved with fullbore rifle shooting might be in need of a scope, or know someone that is. It is suitable for long range shooting up to about 1200 yards. The scope is an Athlon Argos BTR 6 - 24 x 50 first focal plane scope. It has an illuminated etched glass reticle and is moa scale. It has had very little use and is as good as new. Athlon offers a lifetime warranty on its products. Lenses are fully multicoated and the tube is 30mm. It is waterproof and fogproof, having been purged with argon. The turrets are 1/4 moa per click with total elevation adjustment of 60 moa. I have tried to show the lenses are in good condition, but the minute specs of dust on them don't really portray that in the photographs. I would like to assure you that they are not in any way marked and come with lens caps. There are also no ring marks on the tube, which is aircraft grade aluminium. I am asking £300.
  3. THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD This item is no longer needed as I have moved to fullbore rifle and no longer participate on .22 prone. The jacket is used, but not a lot, is in excellent condition and clean. It is for right-handed shooters and is euro size 60 (which I believe is meant to equate to UK size 49") but I don't have much confidence in any of the figures quoted by these manufacturers and comfortable fit is all that matters. These jackets sell for £145 new from Intershoot and £155 from NSRA. I am asking for £75, plus any postage costs should I have to send it to you. I am located not far south of Bath.
  4. This semi auto .22RF rifle does not have the heavy bull barrel and the stock is the lightweight cutaway design. It is therefore suitable for lightweight sports rifle shooting and is equally at home with shooting from a rest. The barrel is factory cut to take a sound moderator should you also wish to suppress noise at the range. It comes complete with 10 round rotary magazine and 25 round banana magazine. It is fitted with a Simmons Whitetail Classic 1.5–5x20 scope should you prefer a scope to iron sights (also fitted), but at 25 yards you'll only need minimal magnification for accuracy. The scope is one of the Simmons scopes that was made in the Philippines and consequently has excellent optics, much better than the newer models with Chinese optics. It comes with lens caps. The rifle is clean, well maintained, in excellent condition and most importantly shoots accurately (depending who is behind the stock, of course!). I have used a variety of ammunition brands (SK, RWS, Eley) in this rifle and have never had any cause for concern with cycling; it handles all types, though I don’t put really cheap dirty stuff through it. It comes with a gun slip for protection. The complete package as above is available for £350. Get in touch if interested or you have any questions. The reason for sale is that I no longer need this rifle as my current shooting is predominantly long range full-bore.
  5. I have a virtually brand new, boxed, Praktica Hydan 20-60x77 scope complete with case. I used it for smallbore target spotting at 50 and 100 yards on minimum magnification, but I have switched to fullbore now and we tend to just use the rifle scopes and target markers as placed by those in the butts. It is waterproof and fogproof, being nitrogen purged. I also had an Opticron stand that I used with it. It is still boxed and in as new condition. If you are interested, you could have the two items for £160 plus whatever postage would be incurred. Regards, Neil
  6. Housey, I sent you a pm.
  7. I have cleared out the items sold, leaving only what remains.
  8. All received, Mick. I replied also, just to confirm. Regards, Neil
  9. Hi Chris. No, Postage would be extra. £7.30 for Royal Mail Special delivery, fully insured and next day delivery. Neil
  10. Irontrack and meltoc, I have pm'd you both.
  11. Hi Are you sorted? If not I have a Gehmann 565 for sale. 6 colour filters and 2 polarising filters. In "as new" condition. £125 Neil
  12. In moving my shooting over to fullbore, I have various bits of kit for sale. All are in absolutely excellent condition. Prices are noted against each item. Please contact me for further information if required, or if you are wishing to buy any item(s). I will then ascertain the postage cost and let you know. Foresight assembly. M18. Centra 523 tunnel, 2.8 - 4.8mm adjustable glass iris (1.6mm ring width) and level. The iris is central ring only; no horizontal bar. Anschutz fit. £145 (combined new price £200) Mec Startline Trigger blade. Walther fit. £15 (£28 new) Neesom turnover foresight with level, M18. Invaluable when switching from 50m to 100yds. I found only one or two clicks required (Anschutz fit) £70 (£100 new) SOLD
  13. Hello. Unfortunately I do not know the number of rounds that have gone through the rifle. Always a difficult one that. However, the letters IE are stamped on the barrel and, if I am correct, that would indicate a 1984 gun.
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