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  1. A set of spacers for the TEC-HRO System 2.0, which allow the vertical height to be adjusted from 13 to 31mm in 2mm increments. The System 2.1 consists of ten sets of 4 spacers, and comes complete in a plastic magazine. Used for a very short time. offers accepted
  2. Hardly worn as it was too big for my hand.
  3. Hi, is this iris still available for sale? If so, I'm interested
  4. Hi I’m looking for a forend palm rest having adjusted my new rifle to be as short in the butt as possible. My short arm with the sling cannot lift the rifle high enough without using muscles to bring it up to the target line. I’m currently borrowing one from the club, but would like to find my own. It needs a rail on the bottom of the rest for my handstop. Let me know if you have one for sale. I’m also looking for left handed rearsights and an iris if anyone has both or one for sale? Thank you Victoria
  5. Hi, if it’s still available, can we please buy it?
  6. Thank you Jonty. I haven't seen it in real life yet. Licensing regulations, but I might see it on Wednesday. I'm told it maybe too big for me - but I'm hoping it can be resolved without having to sell it on and start a whole new quest. Fingers and toes crossed
  7. This one 😁 https://www.gunstar.co.uk/grunig-elmiger-racer-world-champion-bolt-action-22-rifles/rifles/1059274?utm_source=emailWebsite&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=contact_confirmation_email&utm_term=_&email_stats_id=11794764
  8. I have found a rifle 😊 it arrived on Island yesterday and hopefully it’s ideal for me - that’s the trouble not being able to see or feel the weight of a rifle before purchasing. I still need rear sights for it if anyone has left hand or universal sights for sale? Thanks everyone! Victoria
  9. It’s ok, at the Sinclair range, they want to provide air rifle shooters too, but I enjoy shooting 50m but as much as I’m doing ok with a right eye shooting, I’d prefer to be using my left.
  10. Thanks, but I like shooting .22 and not wanting to change to air rifle. Thanks Victoria
  11. Originally I wanted to spend less than £2k but all I seem to find have heavy wooden stocks. I need a short stock or the ability to shorten the stock without having to cut it shorter. £4K May be possible but it won’t be until February as I need to save very hard for it. I may be given cash for Christmas which will help but I won’t know until next week. Victoria
  12. Thanks, I contact John at the weekend, but not heard from him.
  13. Thank you Roger, I tried a martini action with a non hand specific stock at a different range and found it easy to shoot but I often found the empty shell difficult to eject but it may have needed a service as it belonged to the range. I’ll take a look at gun trader - thanks again 😊
  14. Sadly I missed out on this one. Still looking for a left handed rifle. Thanks Victoria
  15. Thank you Janet, yes it’s of interest. I’m going to ask for advice at the range tomorrow. Can you get photos to me? My name with a dot in the middle at gmail dot com Thank you Victoria
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