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  1. Steven999

    Steyr LP10

    All sold to a good home , thanks again folks
  2. Steven999

    Steyr LP10

    I have given up target shooting and this is what's left , the pistol is in immaculate condition , the body is scratch free and comes with case, charge, 2cylinders , instructions ,safety line Reduced to £400 for a short time as a final reduction before I withdraw it from sale, this is an absolute bargain at this price !!
  3. Steven999

    Steyr LP10

    Pistol still for sale £450 for a bargain pistol
  4. Steven999

    Steyr LP10

    Price reduced £450 no offers
  5. Steven999

    Steyr LP10

    Steyr LP10 pistol for sale Comes with box , safety line ,tools and two cylinders currently has a medium large grip with polymorph on it Very accurate , been serviced by harry preston 1 year ago , hardly used located scotland and pick up only (If your located in scotland only scottish air weapon certificate holders ) £400 final reduction before its withdrawn from sale
  6. Peli case ,race front sight ,Hro pins & Hro trigger still available price lowered
  7. I have lots of bits and pieces for sale as I've decided to give up 10m rifle All items are priced with delivery unless otherwise stated Tec-hro touch trigger £40 Tec hro trigger Peli 1750 double rifle case £100 (pick up only ) Peli pics Peli pic 2 Anschutz race front foresight complete with 1 clear ring and 1 element £40 Race foresight sold! Tec Hro riser pins £25 Tec hro pin pics sold! Centra rear iris 3.0 5 colours £80 Centra 3.0 pics sold! Ahg anschutz size 45 uk 10.5 boots £55 Ahg size 10 boots sold! Anschutz size 54 shooting trousers 3 years old £55 Trousers sold!
  8. Anschutz shooting jacket , 3 years old and plenty life still left in it yet £55 delivered Click here for pic Pic2
  9. Tec Hro rifle stand , in as new condition comes with bag , pellet holder and top rest £100 posted
  10. Withdrawn from sale for the time being
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