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  1. Rifle was used for 2 seasons only. It is in perfect conditions, every thing is working fine, the service is newly made, many parts are changes to the new ones(stabilizer, presurevalve, seals, etc). Cilindre is valid till 2020 12. The price for rifle as you see in photo is £2000. With new sights £2150. Used standart anschutz sights, everything is working fine. £90 SOLD New sights. 20 clicks. £300 Mec Starik Tube, used just onse, in mint condition for barrel size 22,90 mm. Fits LILJA Barrels. £150
  2. pavken

    Free Pistol Morini Cm84E

    Wanted free pistol Morini cm84e.
  3. pavken

    Scatt Usb

  4. pavken

    Air Pistol Walther Lp300Xt

    Walther LP300XT in good condition, medium right hand grip. Cylinder best to 2017/10. Last inspection and maintenance at the Walther was made in June at the World Cup in Munich. Have scrapes on the cylinder. The pistol is in Norfolk. Saturday 28, I'll be in Bisley at a Surrey open meeting. £600.
  5. pavken

    Small R/h Grip For Steyr Lp10E

    Small R/h Grip for Steyr LP10E
  6. pavken

    Morini Cm84E

    Wanted free pistol Morini cm84e
  7. pavken

    Air Pistol 500G Trigger Weight

    Air pistol 500g trigger weight.
  8. Hi, wanted right hand small grip for Walther LP300XT. Thank you.
  9. pavken

    .22Lr Pardini Pistol

    HI, what size grip? thank you