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  1. wackyracer

    Sold Anschutz 2013

    I'd also be interested in some pictures - wackyracer01@gmail.com B Rgds WR.
  2. wackyracer

    Anschutz 2013 X2 For Sale

    Cant quite see from the photos - is there a handstop included. I assume its without sights? I currently shoot a BSA Martini International Mk5 ( 25yds prone only ) - quite a heavy rifle. Would this one be about the same weight - or lighter? I get a bit confused with all the different Anschutz model numbers! B Rgds Russell
  3. wackyracer

    Anschutz 2013 X2 For Sale

    I'm interested - PM sent. B Rgds WR
  4. wackyracer

    20Series Anschutz For Sale.

    Hi, Yes I'm interested - can you send a photo + few more details. Cheers Russell
  5. wackyracer

    Anschutz 1913

    Hi, Looking for newer rifle - please coudl you post / send pictures to wackyracer01@gmail.com. B Rgds WR.