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    DunkM reacted to shawnpurslow in Steyr Lp10   
    Excellent condition. Silver with light wood medium steyr grip. All box and tools included.
    Pics here:
    Looking for £850 rfd or £800 collected between Portsmouth and London. Bank transfer or cash on collection please.
    Also have a pair of Olympic frames that will go up for sale once pistol sells.
    Any questions just ask.
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    DunkM reacted to Robert White in Centra Iris Aperture 1.8 Crystal   
    Centra Iris Aperture 1.8 Crystal
    A very compact iris aperture, with a translucent outer shell. The iris adjusts in the range 0.8 - 1.8mm.
    Super small iris perfect for air rifle giving the maximum range view to assist your peripheral vision for balance or for outdoors to aid the viewing of wind flags. Fits standard rear sight thread.
    This is an as new unit in its original tube with tool.
    New Price is £73 Sale Price £59 including P+P by transfer or PayPal with no fee.
    Contact me by PM or alternately directly on robert@whitepartners.com - 07774621059

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    DunkM reacted to Raven in Unique Free Rifle T2000 Wooden Stock   
    I know its a long shot but anyone got one or know of one that might be for sale?

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    DunkM reacted to asturias109 in Morini 162 Ei   
    Morini 162 EI near mint condition.
    Purchased new April 2014, date on cylinders 2013
    with new Large,right hand grip, all tools, instructions with test shots card etc.
    £1095 inc delivery
    Also blow out compensator available £36

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    DunkM got a reaction from hps1200 in Left Handed Air Pistol Wanted   
    Fair point Nick, sorry for not replying to anyone (until now) thanks for your interest. Have knocked wanting an air pistol on the head for know. May revisit it next year but focused on the prone rifle for now.
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    DunkM reacted to gregsy in Anschutz Super Match 54   
    Doesn't anyone feel sorry for Greg here, what have you lot done to his sales thread. If your not buying you shouldn't really comment. He didn't ask for a history lesson...and the advert wasn't particularly deceiving in the first place. He described the stock as a 14 series and the action as a match 54 type, which is correct so why the analysis?
    Perhaps a new thread in a different section on "dating and the Anschutz timeline" would have been more appropriate and helpful to all, or a discrete message if there's an error.
    No offence to anyone, I realise your intentions are good, but it kind of detracts from what he was trying to do here, which wasn't particularly that incorrect in the first place...
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    DunkM reacted to RobStubbs in Anschutz Super Match 54   
    I totally agree with your previous sentiments. As far as I'm concerned this should just be to buy and sell items, not to discuss their merit or provide a history lesson, however interesting that may be. That's why there are other specific forums here. There is a post pinned at the top of the for sales section detailing what it's for.