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  1. Robert White

    Mec Butt Plate & Anschutz Cheek & Butt Fittings

    I can see it is an older post but if you have still not sorted it then I have a spare butt carrier and a spare cheek and cheek carrier for a 2013 with short and long legs and a set of weighted legs? Robert
  2. Robert White

    Centra Score Plus Tunnel // Sight Raising Block

    Dan - I am sure by the age of the post that you have sorted something but if not then I have M22 tunnel and adjustable insert and some elements and a variety of blocks including a pair of 4mm (i.e. 8mm) Robert
  3. Robert White

    Shooting Jacket

    Hi I am sure you are happy with the previous one but I have used Thune custom that I think would be a good fit and a matching set of trousers if that is the way the shooting is progressing ...?
  4. Robert White

    Kneeling Roll Wanted

    I have an Anshutz and Thune and a variety of filling if you are interested Robert 07774621059
  5. I have a tunnel that will take the Hi End in 22 if you are still looking and an adjustable insert for the same ... Robert
  6. Robert White

    Wanted - Air Rifle Boot Stretchers & Shooting Trouser Belt

    I have an Thune belt Robert give me a call 07774621059
  7. Robert White

    Cheek Piece

    I have a spare one with carrier and both length of legs and heavy legs for balance if you want Give me a call Robert 07774621059
  8. Robert White

    Centra High End 22Mm - 2.6 Version

    Hi Chris the 2.6 is for supported shooting and super long actions and poor eyesight...????? If you would like to try Hi End still then I have 22mm tunnel that would take them? And an adjustable that would allow a guage of sizes and a number of larger elements which overlap with the 2.6 ...and also happy for you to try some of the smaller ones
  9. Robert White

    Anschutz Buttplate

    I have one with the carrier and converter plate if you still want one..?
  10. Robert White

    Foresight And Rearsight - Sorted!

    I have an 18mm tunnel and insert and a 22mm foresight as a duo for sale details on the forum and also an unlisted 22mm with and adjustable insert - all with Anschutz rail - I am afraid I don't know the dovetail dimension but if you check I can see if it fits..? Robert
  11. Robert White

    22Mm Foresight

    Chris I have a number of 22mm foresights which would fit - Duo full adjustable that is on the forum and a tunnel that is not in red that would take Hi End and a an insert adjustable for the tunnel and hi end from 4.6 up to 4.9 in 1.2 and 1.4 widths - (do you really want 5.1 that is huge...?? Message me if you would be interested Robert
  12. Robert White

    Kurt Thune Standing Belt

    Kurt Thune Standing Belt Helps to support the back in standing Width 39mm, length adjustable from 65-125cm. (Note the waist band on your trousers needs to be the correct thickness to wear with a belt to comply with ISSF rules. ) Colour - White Price new £24 - for sale at £16 includes P+P Payment by transfer or cost paid PayPal PM or contact direct robert@whitepartners.com or 07774621059
  13. Robert White

    Anschutz Fore End Stabiliser System

    Anschutz fore end Stabiliser system Fore end accessory rail attachment with pair of adjustable legs (length angle and cant) Can be shot as one or two legs with just the rear straight section or with one or both of the foreward long sections. Carry standard circular weights (shown for illustration). Can be adjusted within ISSF rules as they are. Has removable tripod legs as shown in the photograph. Fits any standard rail. Comes in original box Price new for Stabilisers is in excess of £160 - this is for sale at £80 including P&P Payment by transfer or cost paid PayPal Contact via PM or direct on robert@whitepartners.com or 07774621059
  14. Robert White

    Centra Iris Aperture 1.8 Crystal

    Centra Iris Aperture 1.8 Crystal A very compact iris aperture, with a translucent outer shell. The iris adjusts in the range 0.8 - 1.8mm. Super small iris perfect for air rifle giving the maximum range view to assist your peripheral vision for balance or for outdoors to aid the viewing of wind flags. Fits standard rear sight thread. This is an as new unit in its original tube with tool. New Price is £73 Sale Price £59 including P+P by transfer or PayPal with no fee. Contact me by PM or alternately directly on robert@whitepartners.com - 07774621059
  15. Anschutz Adjustable Hand Shelf in Aluminium The original Hand shelf from Anschutz still with the most adjustable movement of any. With the separate block it allows any position from a highest of a fist to the lowest of a palm or the inbetween of a V. Adjustment iincludes of course height adjustment and length (via rail) but this also allows offset to left and right and a tilt and twist which makes it unique compared to other palm shelfs and the central adjuster is very precise and will not move once in place!! This one has been shortened slightly to allow the plate to sit flat to the underside of the stock allowing it to be supported at both ends but also to give the lowest possible adjustment. Comes with additional wooden block attached by rotating spindle (the block has been shortened slightly at one end but the cut off is still available. Complete including rail clamps. Original £170 circa Sale Price £120 including P&P PM or email on robert@whitepartners.com or call on 07774621059