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  1. Varga Pistol Shooting Frames in v good condition. 37 mm lens holder, case. £67.00 inc P&P
  2. Replacement arm for Olympic Shooting Glasses RH wanted. or are they called legs ? Or does anyone know of a source ?
  3. Hi My Evo 10 is in the sales section, but posting to the Orkneys would be a problem.
  4. Steyr Evo, black, with pristine large right hand grip,mechanical trigger. Date on cylinders 07/2016. Official Steyr UK import. All tools, manual and adaptor as supplied when new. Selling as I have switched to the compact version. £1125 f2f preferred. Can be delivered to Aldersley on 20th January (GP memorial shoot).
  5. I have a Morini electronic trigger, short version, R hand large grip, 2 cylinders. I live not far from you if you want to view it. £750.
  6. LP10 LH Large grip wanted. for mechanical version.
  7. Now SOLD For sale my Steyr LP2 with little used large right hand grip (unaltered). Less than 1 year old (cylinder date 06/2015) complete with tools,manual,filling adaptor as supplied when new. img file too large to upload, please message me for pics. £850 f2f preferred.(Can deliver to the Blackburn comp 23/24 April) £810. without grip. Rink grip for Steyr LP2/10 Large, Right ,Thick,Convex, 0 Deg £85 incl post. SOLD
  8. 2 Silver Cylinders (Short version) date 11/2011 One has some scratches from a Scatt attachment £55 inc P&P The second one £65 inc P&P They both hold air as new. jpg too big to upload can send via email. One sold , one left at £55 inc P&P.
  9. Would like to swap my Steyr LP10 short cylinder for a standard length Date on cylinder : 11/2011 Colour : Silver Cash adjustment either way depending on age/condition etc. Cylinders now being sold.
  10. Tec-Hro Soft Touch Version Little used £34 inc del. Please email for photo. NOW SOLD
  11. Morini 162 Short replacement barrel. Bought new in 2015, very little use, (perhaps 1000 pellets through it) £90.00 inc del. (To be clear this is the barrel only)
  12. Correx Gauge Not guaranteed 100 % accurate No case £19.00 inc P & P NOW SOLD
  13. Morini trigger shoe now sold. Steyr adaptor still available.
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