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  1. hps1200

    Anschütz 2213 Stock

    This model stock is no longer in production by Anschutz. The only way to acquire one would be to buy a complete second hand rifle with this stock or find a second hand one where someone has bought another model stock to upgrade/replace this model. They are a good model with plenty of adjustment possibilities but beware that as they are made from cast alloy not a solid machined billet they do not tolerate being dropped. I have had 2 of these for some years & so far no problems anywhere.
  2. hps1200

    Items For Sale On Behalf Of A Retired Club Member

    Hi tufty, Sorry for the late reply, I have been busy & have not checked into the forum recently. Both packets of the felts were sold last Wednesday.
  3. Hi all, Not exactly a new topic but having just unpacked the instructions for the 2 Anschutz (made by G & E) Hammer Shark sight extensions I had in the list for bits for sale on behalf of a retired club member I read that they are made for the 19 & 20 series Anschutz rifles not the earlier 14, 16 & 18 series rifles which use a different size dovetail for mounting the foresight on the barrel. For the 2 forum members who have asked for photos of 3 of the items on the list I attach them to this post.
  4. hps1200

    Can Anyone Identify This Handstop?

    These handstops were imported by Bedford Target Shooting Supplies back in the day. Good to know the actual makers name (Jensen). I have 2 brand new of these for sale from amongst the items I listed in the post "Items for sale on behalf of a retired club member". The price is in the list.
  5. Anschutz torque wrench, current model, new. £45.00 (SOLD) Anschutz hammer shark sight extension device, made for 19 & 20 series, new, 2 available. £70.00 each Anschutz long cranked 4mm allen key. £3.00 (SOLD) Anschutz green cleaning rod guide, 2 available 1 new £10.00, 1 used £7.00 (BOTH SOLD) Anschutz sight raiser block set, 8mm, suits 14, 16 & 18 series, new, £40.00 Anschutz rear sight raiser block, 8mm, suit 14, 1 & 18 series, £10.00 (SOLD) Anschutz black plastic handstop, 4751 model, new. £50.00 Anschutz handstop, round alloy type with ball end sling loop, £15.00 (SOLD) Anschutz ball end sling loop, 2 available. £5.00 each AHG pull through string type cleaning kit, new, £10.00 (SOLD) Spare strings set for above cleaning kit, new, £5.00 (SOLD) AHG Model 103 5 finger glove with Top Grip, as new, £25.00 Bedford Target Supplies black handstop, American made, new. £40.00 Centra unitool, new. £10.00 (SOLD) Accuracy International foresight element selection, 18mm, £15.00 Accuracy International style blue plastic sling with cuff adjuster, £15.00 (SOLD) Accuracy International style grey plastic sling with cuff adjuster, new, £25.00 (SOLD) Gehman rearsight iris with filters & variable diopter, new, £95.00 Gehman rearsight suntube with iris, new, £20.00 Hammerli toolkit wrap with 4 mm T bar & other allen keys, £5.00 Holme fingerless glove, medium, green, £20.00 Holme shooters bag, green, not wheeled type, well used, £20.00 HPS folding bipod, £30.00 (SOLD) Adjustable trigger lever, make unknown, might be Anschutz, new, £15.00 Kurt Thune 5 finger glove, top grip model, large, £20.00 Mouche kneeling roll with filling material, new, £20.00 HPS Anschutz bolt knob, round, gold, £6.00 HPS fully adjustable butt plate, early style, blue, £130.00 (SOLD) HPS fully adjustable butt plate, current style with earlier style carrier, £185.00 (SOLD) HPS air rifle/standard rifle buttplate, £60.00 Kelly see through rearsight, as new, £95.00 (SOLD) Truttman kitbag with wheels, well used, £35.00 VFG .22 cleaning felts, large bags, 2 available, £15.00 each (SOLD) Black bipod, £5.00 MTM ammo box, blue, new, £10.00 MTM shooters toolbox, small, red, £5.00 Weights, for fitiing to forend rail, £20.00 Twiddler scope stand adjustment cable (maybe Freeland thread), £12.00 Salter digital stopwatch, £5.00 (SOLD) Receiver mounted spirit level, £40.00 These items will be available for inspection at the ESSU Championships this coming weekend. SATURDAY ONLY. These items if not described as new, apart for the kit bag, are used but in good or better condition. Postage will be added to the prices if I have to post them on. There are too many items to provide pictures but if required I can provide them to interested individuals. PM me with any queries.
  6. hps1200

    Screw For Anschutz Cantable Rear Sight 7002

    The early models of the sight in question used a slightly different but similar set of clamps & screws for mounting the sight on the receiver. The screws, springs & clamps for the later, current models are available from Anschutz or the local importer.
  7. hps1200

    Telescopic Sight

    Hi Tim, Thanks for your information. I have checked the description & although it looks a great scope for the purpose it was designed for it's not what I'm looking for. I'll keep looking!
  8. hps1200

    Telescopic Sight

    Thanks guys. Fixed power is what I want, partly due to the weight issue. Colin, I have checked on EBay but can't seem to find any fixed power scopes. Do you have a make or more details? Thanks in advance if you can help me find it.
  9. hps1200

    Telescopic Sight

    I am looking to buy a receiver mounted fixed power (20x up to 25x) with dot or cross hair reticle telescopic sight suitable for prone shooting from 25 yards up to 100 yards. If it come with mounts then so be it. Preferably second hand but must be in good overall condition & the optics in excellent condition. I might be able to afford a new one but looking on the Internet I don't see many fitting this description for sale in the UK. Most I have seen are 36x which in my opinion is too much for prone shooting. If anyone who has such an item they want to move on or anyone else who has some knowledge or advice I would be glad to hear from them.
  10. hps1200

    Bedding Bolts For Match 54 In Supermatch Stock

    Huey, If the thumbhole stock you are interested in is the type that had Bellville washers on the original bedding bolts the bolts had Allen heads as standard. Many people replaced the Bellville washers with solid spacers, particularly if they had the stock/action epoxy bedded. I think the Bellville washers came in with the 1813 model , I'm sure Tim S can confirm that. I had a '74 1413 which was had slotted head bedding bolts, I also had a '79 1611 but I can't remember what type the bedding screws were. Huey, I have a collection of Anschutz bedding bolts of different lengths & types. I live in Beckenham which is maybe not a million miles from you in South West London so maybe we can meet up if required.
  11. Is there anyone out there who can contact Graham Rudd to ask him to get on this forum & answer my request/post of 19th September?!
  12. Hi Graham, Did you get the PM I sent a couple of days ago?
  13. hps1200

    Swap: My Precise Medium Grip For Your L

    I modified a M grip with Milliput in black to achieve the size & shape I wanted. About 1 hours work in total.
  14. hps1200

    Gemini Cheek Peice

    Some years ago I bought the metal parts of the Gemini cheekpiece from Robert to fit to a stock I was modifying. if you can't get a used one that might be the way to go.
  15. hps1200

    Anschutz 1613 For Sale, Sights, Raiser Blocks Etc

    I know of a junior shooter who is looking to buy their 1st Anschutz 13 series at around this price. Is any history available? Are some pictures possible please? If you wish to please PM with these items. Thanks in advance, HPS 1200.