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    Gemini Ultra For Sale

    "A Gemini Ultra for less than half price ??? You can't say that and not give us more details ! Which one ? Pictures please... You might have an auction on your hands. Rose " In response to this and similar posts, it is the original Ultra, not the 703. It is the normal silver / grey colour, and in excellent condition. The coloured part of the butt plate is black. I saw these stocks on the Edinkillie site about a year ago and they were about £920, so I feel £450 (plus postage) is a fair price. Unless you want to offer me more, of course! It is right-handed, and until I can get some pictures organised, just recall Dave Phelps winning the Roberts 2 or 3 times with a similar stock. Next time it could be YOU! email your bids to tenpointnine@hotmail.com or wgriffin@millfield-partnership.co.uk Walter
  2. tenpointnine

    Anschutz 19 Series Stock Wanted

    Gemini Ultra sold to Tim. Looks like there will be an 1813 stock for sale. Walter
  3. tenpointnine

    Gemini Ultra For Sale

    Sold to the man with drool all over his keyboard! Email sent. Walter
  4. tenpointnine

    Anschutz 19 Series Stock Wanted

    As just posted in the for sale section, it is less than half of the price as last shown on the Edinkillie site, which was about £920, therefore I feel £450 is a fair price. Or you could pay £1,221 for a 703. Walter
  5. tenpointnine

    Anschutz 19 Series Stock Wanted

    How about a Gemini Ultra, less than half price? Walter
  6. tenpointnine

    Fwb P700 - £800

    Oh ye of little faith! Walter
  7. tenpointnine

    Fwb P700 - £800

    Just seen a P700 for sale on the Airgun BBS site, a bargain if you are quick. http://www.airgunbbs.com/forums/showthread.php?t=92022 Walter
  8. tenpointnine

    Sight Raising Blocks Wanted

    Sight raising blocks wanted, to fit Anschutz 14-18 series. Walter
  9. tenpointnine

    2013 For Sale

    Sorry, I should have updated this post, but the rifle was sold a couple of weeks ago. Walter
  10. tenpointnine

    2013 For Sale

    A former club-mate who has given up the sport has a walnut 2013 for sale. Asking price is, I believe, in the region of £600. Walter
  11. tenpointnine

    4mm Sight Raising Block Wanted

    Clubmate only shoots prone, and I believe it would never come off his rifle, but I will pass on your comments. Walter
  12. tenpointnine

    4mm Sight Raising Block Wanted

    I have a club-mate looking for a 4mm rear sight raising block. Does anyone have one surplus to their requirements? Walter
  13. tenpointnine

    Rifle Cabinet

    Emma, there are a couple of gun cabinets on ebay at the moment, such as this one on the link below (if it works). Walter http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...ssPageName=WDVW
  14. tenpointnine

    Fwb P34 For Sale

    When looking for a club pistol, found this P34. If you are interested, give Shaun a call- airgunbbs@wightdragon.co.uk Link to details and photos- http://www.airgunbbs.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44535 Walter
  15. tenpointnine

    Air Rifles / Air Pistols Wanted

    My club, Sunderland, is wanting to buy a couple of good quality used air rifles and pistols. What have you? Walter
  16. tenpointnine

    Anschutz Action Wanted (14/18/19 Series)

    Have you tried the NSRA? They usually have rifles they have taken in part ex. What about trying John Churchley, or Bill Phelps? Hope this helps. Walter
  17. tenpointnine

    Iris Wanted

    Newbie at our club looking for 18mm foresight iris (for 1813), and also possibly a rear iris with filters. Nothing on ebay at the moment, but someone must have a spare one surely? He is also looking for a small shooting glove (left hand for right-handed shooter). Email me at: tenpointnine@hotmail.com Walter
  18. tenpointnine

    Telescope Eyepiece

    Give In Focus a call, they have half a dozen shops nationwide. It is where I got my Kowa and Claire's Opticron. http://www.at-infocus.co.uk/usedequipment.html Walter